After reading this article, you can avoid at least 90% of the pits of smart homes

After reading this article, you can avoid at least 90% of the pits of smart homes

I found an interesting phenomenon. In recent years, smart homes have become more and more common. There are two or three every family. Of course, more and more people want to “enter the pit.” Why is it a pit? Most people have stepped on the thunder in this piece. In fact, it is best to plan the overall deployment plan of the smart home in advance before the decoration.

Let’s follow the Xinghe today to see what common smart home “decoration lightning areas” ~

1. Common misunderstandings of smart home entry

1. Smart home price is very expensive?

Perhaps in the public’s cognition, smart homes are equivalent to high -tech, which is a very expensive wallet. This sentence is not right, because before 2010, the majority of the market still wired smart products, and the price is relatively high.

However, with the maturity of wireless communication technology and the development of communication protocols dedicated to smart home systems, more wireless systems have entered the market. The prices of components of various smart home systems have decreased significantly, and the decrease is even more than 90%.

For example, in 2010, a smart socket may cost hundreds or even thousands of yuan, and now the price of wireless smart socket products is below 100 yuan. Four houses and five entering, buying one is equivalent to saving hundreds of dollars, diligent and frugal, family!

The popularity of wireless systems leads to the reduction of the cost of line transformation, and the cost of the component itself is reduced. The smart home transformation of about 100 square meters of ordinary units can be achieved. Below 10%, most families are willing to spend more money and live more comfortably.

2. I don’t know how to choose the brand?

In the smart home market, it is common to be Xiaomi, Lifesmart, Huawei and other brands, which basically represent the technical level of domestic smart home products. For other brands, the price is similar to them, but the basic function is not mature, the basic functions are close, and more unknown merchants or the price is much higher than them. Therefore, my suggestion is to choose from these well -known brands, to cultivate the big names for many years, and more assured after -sales.

Of course, there are indeed brands with high -priced and high -tech content in foreign countries. Their system may be better in experience, but I don’t recommend it.

The first is that the living habits are different and the design directions are different. For example, NEST is relatively hot abroad, but it cannot be used at all. Second, foreign smart home products are not ideal for Chinese support. For example, Echo does not support Chinese until now. You have to start with learning English after you buy a machine.

3. The wired VS wireless system does not know how to choose?

In a word, choose wireless. The wireless system is the mainstream product on the market. It is flexible, which can easily increase and reduce components, and easily adjust the functions. The cost is lower, the functions are more, and it is more convenient to use. If it is a wired system, it will be difficult to adjust after the decoration is completed.

4. Consider smart home after decoration?

It must be reminded here again that even the wireless smart home system cannot be considered after renovation.

For example, the traditional wall switch is installed on the fire line, which generally does not leave the neutral line. However, for smart homes, if there is no zero line in the dark box, the smart wall switch of a single fire line must be used. The wall switch of the single fire line has requirements for the controlled lights. The power must be greater than a certain value. Otherwise, it will flash, and the power cannot be too large.

The smart switch of the zero fire line is controlled by relay, which has little requirements for the lamps. Various lamps can be controlled regardless of power size, so it is more convenient to use. The price is generally smaller than the smart switch with a single fire line. In summary, reservation in the dark box in the wall switch is an ideal solution.

For another example, many smart home components require power supply, such as smart remote control, wireless cameras, etc. Therefore, it is very necessary to reserve the socket as much as possible during the decoration, so that when the smart component is increased in the later period, we will not find the available power socket. In particular, friends who are preparing to use components such as smart curtains, smart toilet lids, do not forget to reserve the power socket nearby.

In addition, it is necessary to reserve positions for large intelligent components. For example, smart air purifiers, smart water purifiers, etc., so that they will not be busy in the later installation.

2. Several models that need to be purchased cautiously

Many products are actually not as good as merchant advertising. When choosing, you have to ask yourself seriously. Do you really need it?

First, nominate the magic mirror

As a derivative version of the fairy tales I often watched when I was a kid, I was very confused about the existence of it. Expensive, very low cost performance.

The function of its promotion is that it can be connected to a wireless game to watch movies. It is recommended to put it in porch, cabinets and toilets, but do you think about these scenes, do you really need it? While drawing eyebrows, watching variety shows, who is willing to stay in the bathroom for a long time … Put on the cabinet as a test mirror. Is it not fragrant to buy a mirror in a certain treasure? The price of the magic mirror is enough for you to wholesale one mirror home, just look at what you want.

The recent intelligent fitness mirror that comes out is generally more practical, solving timely feedback and entertainment in fitness training, but the current product form is relatively rough and the price is high. Except for fitness, other functions are not unspoken. practical.

Second, carefully consider the central control screen

In the early days, most of the central control screens were more for fancy functions. The practicality was not strong. After being installed on the wall, it could only be performed in a fixed position.

However, after years of development, many central control screens now have the functions of voice entrances, and the hands are used together. The convenience is also good ~ It has certain practicality. For example, Xiaomi’s recently released smart home screens, green rice smart central control screens, etc., both have both voice entrances and can be used as central control screens.

Speaking of the voice entrance, I have to emphasize that in the current situation, if a set of smart home systems have no voice entrance, you can directly deny it. Believe me, you must be fully denied. Voice is the most convenient way to control the smart home system in the current era. You are not an antenna baby, you can’t use brain waves. In most cases, voice control is the best, most comfortable, and most easily accepted by the public. If you can solve your mouth, don’t spend any time to do it ~

Third, pay attention to the background music system

Some friends may think that this is an indispensable part of the smart home system. When I get home, I get home and welcome my favorite music. That is not the dream house in the dream!

In fact, I don’t recommend the background music system.

Reason 1: Go home and automatically open the background music system for three minutes. It is not suitable for long -term use. This is the case every day. The romantic atmosphere will be broken until the gray can only reduce the frequency of use or use it to get up as an alarm clock.

Reason two: The background music system of the same price is worse than the traditional audio system. The speaker of the background music system is generally installed on ceiling, and in the case of ceiling, sounds cannot be processed like a special speaker.

Reason three: Background music is generally the system of the whole house. Although each room can adjust the volume, it always switches at the same time. Suddenly watching the drama from the brain to make up for the drama seriously, and someone in other rooms open the music. The music in your room sounds abruptly, who is not frightened.

It is recommended that friends who like music still use a special player and other audio systems. The cost is lower and the effect is better. It is best to choose to bring infrared remote control to access the smart home system through smart infrared remote control components. Wait for various linkages.

Of course, if you do not have higher requirements for sound quality, at most you play some light music, the number of people in the family is not large, and it does not matter if it is bothering by music. The background music system can also be considered.

Finally, remind smart doors and smart watches

Smart doors are products that have only appeared in the past two years, and the experience of experience is not obvious. Although integrated smart products related to doors, such as smart cat eyes, smart door locks, doors and windows sensors, etc., solve the power supply problem to a certain extent, but the customized cycle is long, the reservation of fixed size is very difficult, and the relative cost of modification is relatively cost -effective. High, difficult to add difficulty, and persuade you to be cautious.

Oh yes, there is a smart watch

It has nothing to do with it. The main problem lies in battery life. If one or two is charged a day or two, it means that the actual statistical information is not comprehensive. The practicality is greatly reduced. Only wearable products that can exceed 7 days can monitor data reliability and continuity enough to make conclusions.

3. Several seeds that are worth selected carefully

After talking about stepping on the thunder, let’s talk about the products that are worth planting grass, but you have to choose carefully ~

1. Cleaning robot

I never expected, the working person rolled, and even the cleaning robot was rolled together. In the past year, the cleaning robots with high -end functions such as dust collecting and automatic mopping are dazzling. The more concentrated points are several points such as visual navigation, automatic dust collection, and automatic mop.

The dust collection can reduce the frequency of cleaning the dust box. Just throw the dust bag once or even a month, and the gospel of lazy people. The automatic mopping cloth avoids the embarrassment and automatic experience brought by hand washing and mop. The experience is undoubtedly great.

It is recommended that interested users try to choose these two functions as much as possible, but the price of cleaning robots at this level is still more expensive. It is expected that the price will still be in a downward channel, and new products will become more and more abundant.

2. Smart door lock

The smart door lock is also rolled. The product itself is very rich. Not only the basic functions such as fingerprints and NFC unlocking, but now they have added face recognition. By the way, even smart cat eyes are done, and the video doorbell function is integrated.

But note that the more functions, the better. If comprehensive analysis, the price of highly integrated door locks may be higher than that of ordinary door locks and smart cat eyes, and the smart door lock door opening experience is the best, or fingerprint and bracelet NFC.

3. Smart curtains

The smart curtain product line can be said to be relatively neat. If you need track, do not need track, with battery, you need municipal power supply, all kinds of products are available. In almost all cases, there are ideal solutions. Essence

There is no problem with the curtain or relatively small curtains, using curtain partners or similar products, but for the heavy and long curtains, if you take into account the force, mute and smooth effects, you must first consider the municipal power supply of the dedicated orbit. Smart curtain motor, less than a last resort, do not go to the battery to power the product ~

4. Smart lighting system

Yes, the smart lighting system does bring a strong sense of happiness and technological experience. However, in view of the richness of the product, it is difficult to choose. Different lighting techniques and communication methods bring a different lighting experience.

Some low -end Bluetooth lamps are only realized, but there are still many lacks of light quality and the synchronization ability of light and multiple lamps at the same time. This Bluetooth lamp, you bought it, as if you didn’t buy it.

Some complete set of high-end lighting products, using 0-10V dimming or DALI lighting professional products, can ensure the effect of light adjustment and the quality of light, but the price is several times or even dozens of times of entry products. It is expensive to be more expensive. , But if you do n’t experience it, if you have the conditions, it is recommended to experience it before making a decision.

If there are local service providers or dealers, you can go to the store to experience. If not, you can buy 1-2 first, and you can buy 1-2 first. The order is placed, instead of buying the lights of the whole house all at once, the whole house is not satisfied with the performance after making the whole house as a shining light ball, and it is more troublesome to change it.


Based on my personal attempts and hundreds of smart products in the past ten years, I finally summarized the pretty complete guidelines for avoidance of the pit. What else do you want to see or grow grass to step on the mine products. Welcome to exchange the comment area to exchange Communicate ~

About the author: Henixsun – “Smart Home System Create Advanced Combat” author, smart home deep enthusiasts, Master of Electronics and Electric Power Transmission in China University of Mining and Electronics, the best answer to the smart home sector in the well -known question and answer website. 110,000 collections, more than 200 articles have been written since 2016.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about smart home, hope it can help you.