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The little honey that loves shopping should know that the shopping mall at the end of the year is the paradise of girls.

Major brands are selling big!

So Qingzi didn’t hesitate to get on Ouou. On Christmas day, I will explore the shop on Christmas ~

We explored three stores this time:


UR, hot wind, Uniqlo.

Originally, I thought that it was possible to sell them all the strange models that could not be sold. I didn’t expect it, but I dug a lot of treasures.

Hanger girl

Ouyang Nana


, And supermodel girl

Liu Wen

The same paragraphs were collected by us!

Not much nonsense, let’s share the “record” ~

Trial person: Kiyozi

169cm, 56kg, pear -shaped figure

Let’s talk about Qingzi first.

Qingzi walked this time


Ouyang Nanafeng

, Casual sports are next to the home, all girls can hold.

After brushing Nabi’s Vlog, INS, Xiaohongshu, I found that–

She loves simple items such as sweaters, sweaters, small black pants, plaid pants, and sports pants.

Everyday, there is no shortage of fashion style, very good imitation and easy to buy.

There are many in the three stores that have been explored this time.

▪ Look 1 ▪

White sweater+plaid pants


UR’s this

Short sweater

Very good -looking, simple and high -level pattern.

The design of the cuffs and hem will not be bloated, the cigarette pipe collar is still warm, and the coat is also nice.


The pants are rolled

Suit style


, Nine -point length, showing a little ankle long leg length.

The fine pattern of the grid can neutralize the formal feeling of losing the suit pants, which has some casual feeling.

I laughed with a pair of Converse, age and versatile.


This set of inside is good, whether it is a long coat or a short motorcycle suit, it looks good, cool and temperamental.

UR white sweater: removed from the shelves

UR checkered trousers: 299 RMB

▪ Look 2 ▪

Open a sweater+small black pants

The sweater is the clothes that can take up the entire wardrobe in winter.

With small black pants, leisure is thin, and the half skirt is gentle to cover the meat, it is not too versatile.

I just use the hot wind

“Happy Red” sweater

With a pair of small black pants, red and black, classic and playful.

And I also especially like this sweater neckline

Off -shoulder design

Some of the small sexy in the sports style.

Wearing it, I always want to pretend to be inadvertently stinging my hair and show the collarbone in the cold winter.

Sweater+little black pants

It is really good in winter.

In the southern suite denim jacket, with coats or down jackets in the north, it is a simple, comfortable and atmospheric way of wear.

Hot wind off -the shoulder sweater: activity price 129 RMB


▪ Look 3 ▪

Suede sweater+sports pants

Since entering Nabi’s pit, Kiyoshi Get has get beauty.

Yellow suede short sweater



Gray stretch sneakers

, It’s really youthful invincible Fashion Girl ~

This set is also a hot wind. I have to boast that Brother Feng is superior this year!

Short sweater+sports pants

The combination of countless pear -shaped girls wants to wear a short shirt.

Radish -shaped loose sports pants, both legs and meat, with short tops, are also very long.

Don’t hesitate to pear honey, hurry up and try.

This set of sports style is more suitable for casual jackets, with hat coats or long down jackets.

This winter, let us be a warm health girl.

Hot wind suede short sweater: activity price 249 RMB


Hot wind pull edge sports pants: activity price 129 RMB


▪ Look 4 ▪

Dirty orange sweater+checkered wide -leg pants/small black pants

Hot Wind this

Dirty orange sweater

Qingzi fancy at a glance.

The color is bright and positive, very white, and the yellow black skin is controlled without pressure.

Bat sleeve sweater of the cigarette pipe collar

Checkered wide -leg pants

, Put a little bit of clothes in the pants, showing long legs.

If you wear a coat, it will be compared with temperament.

after all,

Coat+cigarette pipe collar+wide -leg pants

It is the exclusive match of fashionable essence.


The length of this sweater is just on the buttocks, so I also paired with a piece

Small black pants

, Covering the meat is thin.

With wide -leg pants temperament and small black pants casual, small honeys can choose according to their own style.

Why do I have a bright sweater in the wardrobe in winter?

Hot wind Dirty orange hair color: activity price 169 RMB

Hot style lines wide -leg pants: activity price 199 RMB

▪ Look 5 ▪

Beige sweater+radish suit pants

This set is more man,

Beige sweater

It is the basic model of Uniqlo, and the version is very versatile.


With its fine plaid

Radish suit pants


There is a sense of capable.


And this kind of radish pants are really thin.

Hidden the butt and thigh meat, and by the way, the lower leg shape was modified.

The only disadvantage is that it is too righteous. I always feel that it is worthy of a briefcase in the armpit.

Fortunately, I wore Converse’s opening and laughing that day.

Small white shoes

As soon as I got my feet, I weakened the aura of the elite female white -collar workers, adding a touch of leisure and cool girl.

This set is better with a little bit of it


H -shaped coat

It can highlight the proportion of body.

Uniqlo beige hair color: activity price 199 RMB

Uniqikku grid radish pants: activity price 199 RMB

Well, the above is the five sets of “Nabi same models” harvested by Qingzi this time.

As a millions of

Pear -shaped girl

One of them, Qingzi buying pants is 10,000 times more difficult than buying clothes.

So like this time


Sports pants, radish pants, checkered suit pants

Both are both legs and meat.

The small honey of the pear -shaped figure may wish to try it, and many of them are discounted ~

Through the person: Ouou

165cm, 49kg, Apple Type

Next, let’s take a look at the gains of Ouou in this visit.

Ouou said, the body side results showed that she was

Apple -shaped figure

, Easy to grow small belly.

(Although we have never seen it, let’s believe her)

Ouou usually likes



Although they are all basic slim sweaters or long skirts, the big cousin can always wear simple temperament.

This time, Ouou was very happy to find a lot of “Liu Wen”.


And many of them are special offers, and they can’t stop the car when they buy it.

You Europe ▼

Lamb hair jacket+straight jeans

I can’t remember how many of them are in European this year

Lamb hairy jacket

It’s right.

As soon as she walked into Uniqlo, she refused to let go. She picked a white shirt and straight jeans and went straight to the fitting room.

Lamb hair+white shirt+straight jeans

The combination, the little honey can learn.

Because the lamb hair itself has a “rich and rich”, the simpler the inside, the better, otherwise it is like the upstart who had just won the lottery yesterday.

The “noble” of the students of the white shirt+jeans sweeping lambs of lambs, looking at fresh and temperament as a whole.


However, the lamb hair is really easy to show fat, and the meat girl should not step on the thunder easily.

Uniqlo lamb coat: Activity price 199 RMB

Knitted dress+scarf



Black knitted dress

It is also Uniqlo, simple and versatile.

Ouou made a hand -offs

Red wave dot silk scarf

, I immediately had a trace of retro taste.

Can be paired on the feet

Chelsea boots




Or the fashionable essence that is not afraid of cold, it can also be matched with the popular hair towing in the past two years, which is very suitable for concave shapes.

This knitted dress is very easy to wear in winter.

Wear the warm underwear inside, and the thick coat of the outer kit is very temperament.

Uniqlo knitted dress: activity price 199 RMB

Caramel -colored silk dress

blingBling’s dress


Ouou also loves.

The bow and hollow design on the chest, combining girls’ sober and sexy combination, feels like an abstinence.

This dress itself is relatively flashy, so it is best to choose a coat

Dark -colored model

It can suppress the temperament of its nightclub, let you wear a fan, take off enough waves.


Oh -Europe has already clicked it in the designated clothing as an annual meeting.

And let’s talk, she was shocked that night.


UR silk dress: activity price 159 RMB

Velvet dress+transparent base

Hot Wind this set

Velvet dress with a transparent bottoming shirt

There is a feeling of elegant and swaying.

The velvet dress in the wood ear is very good, with a kind of mature little woman’s taste.

The transparent bottoming shirt in BlingBling inside, and there is a nightclub jumping fan.


Save the dullness brought by the black velvet, making the whole look younger.

Ouou also paired it for it


Punk Beret

And again

High heels

, More the temperament of a cool girl.


This set of inside is actually very worn with the annual. It has neither the etiquette, but also different.

Definitely the focus of the audience.

Hot wind velvet dress set: activity price 249 RMB

V -neck knitted+small black pants

The last set of “loot” of Ouou was found in the UR

White V -neck sweater

And small black pants.

In addition to the cold chest, this knitted sweater is pretty good.

The bow on the waist is my own.

It can be tied to the front to create a girlishness, or it can be taken on the sexy route behind.

This set is single in spring and summer, and the winter kit or down jacket in the south can also go out.

Most importantly, its big sale price

As long as 39 yuan!

Oh -Europe’s backhand, I can’t wait to put it on three or five pieces.

UR large V -neck knitting: activity price 39 RMB

Well, the five sets of Ouou’s hands are also finished.

Actually, these pairs of Eu Europe

The girls are really friendly.

Increasing the waistline and waist design of dresses can create a small waist with apple honey for the bucket waist.

And use in winter

Dress with a coat

It is also a very temperament and warm way to wear.

Because the skirt can hide very thick leggings, warm and beautiful.

The small honey of apple -type figure can try more ~

In fact, this time we see more than that,


There are also a lot of items worth starting. They are all doing big sale.

And we did n’t buy it all at one breath. It ’s because there are too many styles, which is too difficult to choose.

Little honey can take advantage of the New Year’s Day holidays, and quickly go to major brands to sweep.

After all, it is coming to the New Year immediately. How can you wear some new clothes and calm down the three aunts and six aunts who urge marriage to forced marriage to find objects!

But small honeys

Don’t cling to the same model of Qingzi Ouou



Maybe there are no these styles near you, or it is easy to be sold during the sale.


Go and see more to try more, start with some really suitable and cheap clothes ~


Her Xiaopu Double 12 event begins ~

Oh -Europe will give you a key point

1. The audience is 199-60, which is equivalent to 40 % off.

2. A 50 % discount on big -name products, which is equivalent to buying 1 get 1 get 1

3. Multi -person fighting can save more

Little honey remember to get a 121.2 yuan red envelope coupon first when you enter the store ~

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