What do children’s skiing need to prepare? How to choose children’s ski mirrors? Child skiing equipment recommendation

How to choose children’s ski mirrors?


From the visual experience, the ski mirror is divided into “light mirrors” and “weak light mirror”. Their difference is that the light transmission rate is different.

The color of the lens of the “light mirror” is mostly orange or yellow, suitable for night skiing or wearing cloudy days. He can effectively improve the contrast of light. This has been understood by taking black and white photos with a film camera. Yellow lenses to increase the contrast. Some parents bought the snow mirror for their children to ski or snow on sunny days. Instead of weakening the effect of weakening and strong light, they enhanced the stimulation of light on the eyes, which is counterproductive.

The color of the “weak light mirror” lens is silver, gray, green, dark coffee, purple, etc. They can weaken the stimulation of strong light to the eyes to varying degrees, avoiding the damage to the eyes on the eyes of snow blindness and ultraviolet rays. Snow mirrors with coating on the market can more effectively resist the strong light, usually a double -layer coating lens. It is marked with the word “UV”. In the night scene or cloudy day, the weak light mirror will make people not see the prospects. Therefore, it is best to prepare two snow mirrors to prepare for different occasions.


Pay attention to the following points when choosing a ski mirror:

1. Softness of the frame: The speed of travel during skiing will be fast. Once there is a collision, the crispy frame is easy to scratch the face. Choose the snow mirror to fold back and forth with your hands. It is soft and tough.

2. Wose-proof and breathable performance: There are usually 1-3 layers of sponge layer in the snow mirror frame. Its role is to prevent cold wind from blowing into and increasing breathability, so that the heat of the skin is relieved through the sponge layer to avoid the foggy of the lens. It has a role to increase safety and prevent the lens and skin from crashing.

3. Mirror flatness: To observe the lens, first look at the flatness of the mirror, don’t accidentally buy a haha ​​mirror, then it will not be drunk. Secondly, there are no scratches; in the end, it is necessary to get gas to the lens. It is better to converge water and gas naturally.

4. Wear comfort: It is recommended to buy snow mirrors and helmets to let children try to wear themselves, and the trial time is more than ten minutes. Snow mirror is worn outside the helmet, so that there is certain requirements for the length of the elastic band of the snow mirror. After wearing it, keep walking or jogging at different speeds. The eyes are not uncomfortable and the face and or eye are comfortable to buy.

5. There must be glasses bags and glasses cloth. Some skiwear jackets are equipped with wipes in pockets. If not, be sure to bring a piece at any time when skiing.

6. Children with myopia, if you can take off your glasses without wearing glasses or wear contact lenses to ski. It really doesn’t work, you can choose a snow mirror with glasses grooves.


1. Dry the wind and dry after each wear to avoid mold or affect the life of the sponge.

2. Carefully wipe the lens to avoid scratching. You can wipe the center in the center, and wipe it out of the clockwise.

3. Protect the coating, the coating of the snow mirror with too long time is invalid, you can consider replacement, do not make up.


4. When taking off the snow mirror in the snow field, the children usually throw them casually. The lenses are often downwards. If you catch up with a hard object on the desktop or the ground, you will inevitably scratch. You should guide the child to put the snow mirror every time.

5. Children’s small hands are often oily. They directly touch the snow mirror. They should tell the child to clean their hands and pick off the snow mirror. Once they have soiled the lens, they should wipe them in a humid situation in time.


Next, I recommend some good ski mirrors

Shenggree (SOOGREE) children’s double -layer ski mirror

This children’s double -layer ski mirror of San Guli uses the intimate design of Kaockek children’s myopia glasses, and people who do not myopia and myopia can use it. The three -layer sponge anti -impact design has greatly reduced the damage to the face. Big design at the bridge of the nose is a version designed for Asians. There are also designs such as skylight ventilation holes, lens protective films and adjustable headbands, which are not only fashionable, but also for outdoor activities such as skiing, mountain climbing, cycling.

Yeon children’s ski mirror

The double -layer lens of Yeon children’s ski mirror can be given to the baby’s high -definition vision, safe and anti -fog. The Asian frame design is a high sponge design for the characteristics of Asian faces. The three -layer composite sponge is safe and warm. It is suitable for myopia, and people who can be worn with myopia and unobtic vision can be worn. Its framework is environmentally friendly, as well as upgrading breathable pores, high -density non -slip elastic webbing and air -proof air -proof air -to -cold sponge. This product is available in white and black, and women and adolescents are applicable.

Chercher children’s double -layer spherical skiing mirror

Brand: CHERCHER is a brand of Qingdao Fundamental Trading Co., Ltd., applying for a registered trademark in 2014. Have the production experience and design process of ski mirrors and sports glasses. Provide sportsmen with professional ski mirrors, cycling mirrors, running mirrors and protective supplies. It has now formed brands that integrate sales, brand operations, channel establishment, and after -sales service. This Chercher’s children’s double -layer spherical ski mirror has a good reputation among consumers.


Chercher ski mirror’s large -frame double -layer spherical design has a larger vision range, and it is not easy to get fog. The sight can be vertically on the lens and weaken the vision. PC external lenses, low temperature to minus 30 ° C, resistance. The high -definition lens Comfort Lens, according to the Asian eye -catching design, effectively filters high -energy short waves that are harmful to glasses, resist the glare, increase color contrast, and enhance the clear field of vision. The cold air circulation treatment technology is used to balance the circulation of the air internal and external, promote the discharge of humid and heat gas, and effectively improve the anti -fog ability of the lens. High -density webbing, stretching does not expose rubber roots, closely combined with the helmet, and the anti -slip effect reaches more than 99%.


Cocolic children’s double -layer column ski mirror

Brand: Cocolic is a professional children’s mirror brand from South Korea. Deliven to develop and make products suitable for children to wear. The Cocolic brand is affiliated with Qingdao Inspection Co., Ltd., which was established in December 2016. Provide professional glasses for children aged 0-15. Forming brand sales, brand operations, channel establishment, and after -sales services are all -in -one brands. After continuous research and development, Cocolic launched this children’s double -layer column ski mirror.

Cocolic’s children’s skiing mirror uses a double -layer column surface anti -fog lens, the outer PC safety lens, soft, comfortable, anti -fall and anti -rupture; inner anti -fog lenses, the vision is clearer. Composite sponge, multiple protection, development and design for Asian faces, the surface is more comfortable to fit the face. The inner velvet and velvet treatment makes wearing more secure and warm. The frame is made of TPU memory, which is light and durable; the frame of the mirror frame is used to ensure good ventilation, ventilation and dryness, and clear vision. Three -layer silicone anti -sliding strip can prevent glasses from falling off; adjustable design soft headbands, high bombs widen, comfortable.


FT heartllow theory Children’s skiing mirror

FT Heart Stream Theory This children’s skiing mirror uses Italian imported and upgraded inner -layer lenses. The air layer between double -layer lenses forms a thermal structure, which can effectively prevent fog. UP-Flow self-circulating air replacement system, opening window portable, with effective water network eye material, isolation of rain and snow, maintaining breathability, and multiple anti-fog guarantees. Fashion and colorful Revo coating, effectively resist ultraviolet rays and care for the baby’s eyes. Three layers of encrypted face sponge, after antibacterial treatment, effectively inhibit bacterial breeding, slow down odor, and care for the baby’s skin health.


Propro double -layer anti -fog children skiing mirror


Propro double -layer anti -fog children’s skiing mirror, common to men and women, colorful coating. Anti -cold -resistant TPU frame, tough resistance impact, low temperature resistance. Big frame sphere, clear field of vision, good light transmission, effective and safe protection. Use high -definition optical technology to let babies feel the high -definition ice and snow world. According to the Asian face design, it is in line with ergonomics and fit comfortable. Two -way exhaust holes can better prevent fog; high -density three -layer sponge has a strong cushioning force and more comfortable to wear. There are four colors of pink, watercolor pattern, sky blue, and red blue pattern.