Spring covering autumn jelly: Is your child “covering” in place? How to dress in spring science

The Chinese pay attention to spring covering and freezing, and the spring is warm and cold. It is necessary to “cover” a little bit, so that it is not easy to flu. But spring “cover” is not simply wearing thick clothes, where is it? How to cover? How long does it take? This is very particular.

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Science for you today: How to “spring cover” science!

First, why should the baby be covered in spring?

Spring is the transition season from winter cold to summer heat. The climate is characterized by the gradually increasing yang and the cold of the cold. There are often cold air activities. The weather is changeable and the temperature difference between day and night is large, so it is also a period of influenza. On the occasion of spring, if you “cover” a little bit, you can adapt the immature body to the changes in this cold and cold climate and resist the invasion of spring cold. The so -called “spring cover” is the truth.

Tips: “Over -cover” is more likely to catch a cold

However, if the child is too thick all day long and excessive warmth, it will not get exercise, which will affect the physical tolerance, lead to a decrease in cold resistance, cannot adapt to weather changes, and easily cause cold diseases such as colds. Therefore, although “spring cover” is good, it is moderate.

2. “Spring Cover” is particular


, Dress “


Modern medical research shows that the blood circulation of the lower part of the human body is worse than the upper part, and it is easily attacked by cold air. Therefore, in the early spring of warm and cold, we should pay attention to the warmth of the children, especially the warmth of the legs and feet, so as not to feel the cold.


, Cold air Come 24-48

Hours are the best time to cover spring

The best time to cover the spring is 24-48 hours before the arrival of the cold air. Due to the peak peaks of many diseases such as colds and indigestion, the cold air is closely related to the continuous cooling south and cooling. Therefore, the mother should pay attention to the weather forecast at any time. One or two days before the cold air comes, it is necessary to add clothes to the baby appropriately.


Temperature exceeds


Don’t cover it again ℃

Dressing in spring should grasp the principle of “8, 15”. When the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 8 ° C, you need to cover it. When the temperature continues to be above 15 ° C and relatively stable, it can not be covered to avoid getting angry and increased blood pressure.


Last 7-14 days is just right


The increased clothing cannot be taken off immediately after the temperature rises, it is best to cover it for about 7 days. If the baby’s immunity is relatively weak, it is best to cover it for more than 14 days so that the body can adapt. If it is reduced too fast, it may be frozen.

How to cover it in place?

Basic principles: “Three Warm and Erxiang”

Back warm

The warmth of the back is conducive to the child’s yang in the body, reducing the opportunity to be cold. However, keeping warm should not be too much. If the baby is worn too much and sweats back, it is easy to suffer from wind and cause a cold.

Warm belly

If the baby’s belly is cold, it will damage the spleen and stomach function, and cause diseases such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and indigestion.

Feet warm

The subcutaneous fat layer is thin, the insulation performance is poor, and the heart is far from the heart, and the blood circulation is poor. The child’s small feet are warm to ensure that they are warm, resisting the cold, and preventing diseases.

The head is cool

The calories emitted through the body surface are diverged by the head. If the head is overheated, it is easy to cause dizziness and stun, irritability. Therefore, in the indoor, wind and sunny weather, keep the head cold in order to make the child refreshing.

Cold -hearted

Cold -hearted is not too thick and bloated to wear a shirt for children to avoid pressure on the chest and affect normal breathing and heart function.


The temperature in the morning in the spring is relatively cold. When the temperature rises at noon, the child’s clothes cannot be taken off immediately. When the child is sweating, do not undress immediately. You should wipe the sweat on the back of the chest with a towel to make the child quietly, and then take off your clothes when the sweat goes completely.

Fourth, baby spring dressing details

, When the baby sleeps ing

1) It is best not to let your baby sleep in knitted underwear or thicker pajamas, or cover the baby too thick, and the room temperature is too high.

2) The baby is already asleep. Whether it is in the embrace, the middle of the cart, the back seat of the bicycle, and the car seat, the baby should be avoided.

3) The baby just woke up and could not immediately hold it outdoors. You should let the baby move indoors for a while.

4) Whether it is during the day or at night, we must undress the quilt when I go to bed.

, To be a baby exercise ing

1) Give your baby to wear sweat -absorbent, breathable, loose, suitable for sports clothes. When the baby is a large amount of exercise, if you jump trampoline, you must reduce the wear in advance.

2) When the baby is sweating, do not undress, you should wipe the sweat and let the baby be quiet. When the sweat is not fully went down, put on the coat, so as not to catch a cold.

3) Take a bath immediately after sweating. It is also the cause of a cold. Wait until the sweat will go down, or wipe it with a dry towel before taking a bath. You must rinse with warm water when sweating, and you must not use cold water. Do not give your baby cold drink and eat ice cream.

5. Babies of different lunar -age babies in spring dressing principles

0-3 months:

This month -old baby is sleeping most of the time and has almost no ability to move. You should wear a soft, comfortable, thick and thin, and convenient open crotch jumpsuit.

4-6 months:

The baby will turn over, and the sleep time is reduced than before. Give your baby a soft, light and light, warm cotton pants.

7-9 months:

The baby will climb and walk on the wall. You can add a thick down vest outside the cotton pants, which is convenient to take through and keep warm.

10-12 months:

The baby’s ability to walk upright is strengthened. Don’t wear too bloated, limiting his activities. It is very good to add a down jacket or silk cotton vest outside the warm and comfortable sportswear.

2 years old:

The baby will run and jump, and the activity volume is greatly strengthened. Be careful of too much clothes and sweat, but it is easy to catch a cold. You can wear cotton cotton -mounted cotton clothes and thick vests for this age. The knees of the pants can also be properly thickened and easy to move.

Parents should wash their hands before entering the door to avoid transmitting the bacteria they carried to the baby. The growth of the baby is not an easy thing. Moms and dads must adjust the baby’s dressing and diet according to the changes in the season. In addition, we must summarize the baby’s physical laws or preferences, so as to achieve the effect of less effort.

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