Crispy melon seed crispy approach

I bought half a pound of raw melon seeds and never eliminated. Before I made cakes, I put a little decoration and could not be sold at all. How can I quickly eliminate it? So I thought of this recipe. I have made peanuts and walnut crisps in the past. Moderate sweetness, suitable for the taste of ordinary people. And because of the addition of salt, it is not greasy to eat, but it has a taste. This little crisp is very simple, but very delicious. It is convenient to do when entertaining relatives and friends, which is convenient and fast. PS: It is recommended that you buy raw melon seeds. Do not buy shells, otherwise it is troublesome to peel them one by one. If there is no melon seeds, it is also possible to replace the nuts such as raw peanuts or raw walnut kernels, but compared to melon seeds, you need to chop a little! And you also need to bake them in the oven first.


By Burning Guoguo



Raw melon seeds 100g

Low powder 200g

80g of vegetable oil (sunflower seed oil or corn oil)

Pure milk 20ml


Sugar 85G

Salt 1g

Blockbal powder 4G

Soda 1g

1 egg

Practice step

1. Prepare materials. Guazi Ren was baked in advance, forgetting to take pictures. The oven was baked in 180 degrees for six or seven minutes. It is best to stare, don’t be burnt. Mine is a bit overbearing, but fortunately, it did not affect the taste of the finished product. The grilled melon seeds should be crispy and crispy after cooling. Sugar and salt, baking powder and soda hit me with a disposable cup.


2. Put the vegetable oil and milk first, and then add the dispersed egg liquid, sugar and salt, baking powder and baking soda.


3. I left so many eggs.


4. Stir well with an egg beater. It is best to stir to the degree of sugar melting.


5, low powder sieve add.

6. Add the roasted melon seeds.

7. After stirring it with a spatula, rub it into a ball with your hand. Because there are many melon seeds, the dough state is relatively loose, there is no way to hold the group, it doesn’t matter if this is not ~


8. Take a small agent (about 8g-10g), like the biggest point to take more points, and want to make less points. Slowly pinch into a group with one hand. Note that because the dough is relatively loose, rubbing with two hands will not be scattered. So just pinch it into a circle. The size is as consistent as possible, so that the baking process can be heated evenly. Those who are not troublesome can be called one by one, called the same weight dough.

9, baking tray pad oil paper, put the small ball in the baking sheet, and flatten it with your palm. As for Duo Bian, look at personal preferences! Full of melon seeds, so I am sufficient ~

10. Preheat the oven at 170 degrees for 10 minutes. After making a plate, brush the egg liquid in turn and sprinkle with black sesame seeds. Put it in a preheated oven and bake for about 20 minutes at 170 degrees. The specific temperature and time are based on the temper of your own oven!

11. The remaining second set did so much.

12. Brush the egg liquid, coconut on the surface. The first set of this process was almost baked, and then the second set of baked was done.


13. Stealing one, fragrant and crispy, super delicious!

14. Put the jar after cooling and package it to your friends and relatives ~


15. Beautiful!


16. Products ~

17. It looks ugly small crisp, but it tastes great!


18. It can’t stop at all! My friends and relatives have eaten all the delicious food ~

19. One more!



1. This recipe is about 57 according to the size of the picture. If you want to do less materials, you want to do more ~ ​​2. Remember to leave some egg liquid to brush the surface. 3. Because there are many melon seeds, the dough is relatively loose. Do not rub with both hands with two hands.