Humin Road, Minhang District, Shanghai: What is caused by the difference between the iPhone mobile phone signal?

1. Open the flight mode for five seconds, then turn it off, and then see if your signal is full of blood.

2. Set the operator-turn off the automatic, choose to be a search network-China Mobile.

three. Settings-General-Restore-restore network settings.

Some software plugins may call the communication process in the iPhone, leading to system conflict and unstable signal. But I did not specify which procedures, so it may cause indifferent killings … I narrowed the original 10 -page program to 4 pages. In the end, I think the result is small, but I think it will be good. Harm.


This is what I found. Some people may think they don’t think so. I use Griffin’s big shell. A few days ago I went to the countryside. The signal is not good (only 1-3 grids), but I find that after removing the protective case, the signal is significantly stronger! It seems that the “letters” sensitivity settings will actually decrease … This difference may not be felt in areas with strong signals. The most thorough method I guess is to re -swipe the system, install the software plug -in as little as possible, and finally use a new SIM card instead of it, the signal problem can be solved. If it still does not work, maybe the worst situation is-the communication module is damaged … but I think it is impossible. Apple also knows this problem, you can try to update mobile software.


Some people say that this is a problem with SIM card aging. I have been in area M, it has been used for more than 3 years, and the chip scratches are more, but the use of N95 is very good. So I only changed a new card, free once a year. It feels better, you might as well try it.