This year’s popular “workmade cotton clothes” is two or three times higher than the fur of the coat. The key is not expensive

After a cooling, the weather suddenly became several degrees. The previous suit jackets, coats, etc. seem to be not warm enough.

Don’t worry, except for those, this year’s super popular “workmade cotton clothing” is also a super product product. It is more advanced than coats, fur, etc. The most important thing is that it is not expensive!

These workers’ cotton clothes are fashionable and advanced

Style 1: Loose version of cotton clothing

Although the coats and fur are good, the high -end and fashionable and cheap workmade cotton clothing is more fragrant! The workers’ cotton jackets are designed with work style. The most typical style is the design of two pockets on the chest.

In addition, there are flying jacket cotton clothes. They are typical that they have pockets on the front and bottom of the clothes or left and right.



The design of the worker jacket is complicated, and the loose version is more versatile.

This is a typical pilot jacket -type workers.


Khaki is neutral and versatile, and the brown lapel design is chic and handsome. The loose version of the workers can also modify the lines of the upper body, paired with black radish pants, which is really handsome!


Style two: cold -colored workmade cotton clothing

The design of the worker cotton jacket is neutralized. If you choose a sweet color such as pink, it is easy to appear abrupt and discordant.

What color is the most suitable for workmade cotton clothes?

Cold color systems such as basic color systems, blue, green, etc. are more likely to wear a high -level sense ~

Our Zhou Dongyu’s little fairy chosen this pine green worker cotton suit is a good example. The design of pockets and magic stickers is handsome and neutral, paired with high saturated blue pants.


A yellow checkered shirt inside, the simplified and complicated method of wearing and high -level.


Overall the color matching color to match with workers’ cotton clothes,

Is it super beautiful?

Style 3: Middle -length workmade cotton clothing

In terms of the length of the workmade cotton clothing, it is recommended that the little fairies choose the medium -length workmade cotton clothing. Because of the biased work design,

Long -style workers’ cotton clothes will make us look very bloated.

So, when the sisters are choosing a worker cotton,

Choosing the length of the hip or length on the middle of the thigh is the most fashionable and advanced ~

Earth -colored workers’ cotton clothes are particularly high -level, which is a color that is not easy to step on thunder. With a black slim sweater and a white sports pants, full of Japanese youthful sense. Finally, use the blue baseball cap as the embellishment to easily get a refreshing sense of youth.

In this cold winter, sisters must not get themselves sick because they are pursuing fashion. The warm and high -end workers’ cotton jackets are better than coats and thin skin. Is it not fragrant?


Workers cotton clothing is more advanced

Matching one: match with slim -fitting pants, tightly matched with upper width

As mentioned above, the workmade cotton clothing chooses a more advanced style. When matching, it is even better to match with slim -fitting pants!

Milk tea -colored workmade cotton is retro neutral, and the hair collar design makes the overall warmer. With a round -necked sweater, it can reduce the heavy sense of cotton clothing.

With the black slim -fitting pants, like this, it is tight and tightly matched, whether it is a small or slightly fat, you can easily get a high -level feeling ~

Match 2: Paired with a printed sweater, the upper and lower part of the match

Here is a gray -green worker cotton jacket, irregular diamond -shaped car stitching retro literary art, and sisters who like retro style can be arranged. Personal printed sweater. Sisters can also be like this younger sister,

Use the beret and the painter hat and other accessories to add a sense of layering.

Match with milky white woolen sports pants, so

The way of dressing and simplified dressing

To match the workers’ cotton clothes, you can also move the visual center of gravity upward, and have a wonderful use of legs!

Match three: match with the boots under the knee, and the upper and lower short match


In the winter, how can we not put on our fashionable and temperament boots? Workers and cotton clothes and knee -knee boots are matched with the short and short -term wear.

Here is a red worker cotton jacket with black Martin boots. The effect of missing legs in the disappearance of the lower jacket is not general!

The little sisters can choose the length of the knee boots in the middle of the calf to modify the leg shape and high.


Summary of workmade cotton clothing with a small summary

Looking at the fashionable workmade cotton style:

1. Loose version of the workmade cotton clothing, not picking up and reducing age

2. Instant cotton clothing with cold wind color system, the cold color system of basic color, earth color, low -saturated and low brightness is very acceptable

3. Middle -length workmade cotton clothing, you can cover the style of the hip super modified figure


High -level temperament of workmade cotton clothes:

1. Tightly matched with the slim -fitted pants, choose simple style pants better


2. Match with the printed sweaters with a simple match, be patient and advanced

3. Match with the upper and lower boots under the knee, and the disappearance of the lower jacket is high -end.

In this cold winter, a good -looking and warm single product is required to embellish. High -quality work cotton clothes are a good choice. High -level than coats and fur, more cheap than coats and fur. Such a great winter item, hurry up and take it home!