Tai Chi Fan -One person and one “martial arts” Qiankun, strengthen the body and health

Tai Chi Fan is a type of equipment in Tai Chi, and it is also a unique martial arts fitness project. The creation of Tai Chi Fan is mainly for the purpose

Physical fitness

, It combines Tai Chi, Tai Chi Sword, Martial Arts, Peking Opera Dance and other actions to combine Tai Chi ’s exercises with the waving movement of the fan, and to fulfill it. The masculinity of soft and elegant beauty and martial arts is a traditional health movement that integrates ornamental and artistic. So what are the benefits of practicing Taiji fans for our bodies?

Increase the sensitivity of the nervous system

Emphasized when practicing



Shen Ding, Xinjing is the first priority, which can make our cerebral cortex rest, and then give it to the central nervous system to coordinate the work of the organs organs of the human body, which effectively increases

The sensitivity of the nervous system




Tongjingqiao, improve microcirculation system

The exercise time of a set of Tai Chi fans is about 6 minutes, and the general practitioners will repeat multiple exercises. Therefore, this method is consistent with other types of aerobic exercise. This can

Improve blood circulation

, Its exercise involves the overall body as large as organ muscles and small to vascular tissue cells. Through systemic exercise, it can achieve the effect of qi and blood circulation, effectively promote blood circulation, improve the body’s oxygen supply, accelerate the metabolism of the vascular and lymphatic systems, promote the promotion The detoxification effect of vascular toxins and lymphocytes, while improving blood vessel elasticity, preventing arteriosclerosis, and improving the ability of the body’s immunity and anti -disease evil.

Improve your body’s flexibility and enhance your muscle strength

The characteristics of Tai Chi fans are round and curved, and the speed is slow. Coupled with footwork such as flexing legs and alternating gravity transformations to enhance the muscle strength and muscle endurance of the whole body’s muscles; A amplitude activity, stretch the bones and joints, and effectively

Improve the flexibility of the whole body

Improving cardiopulmonary function

During the practice, you need to keep your breathing uniform. By breathing the abdominal breathing of deep, long, fine, slow, and uniformly, increase the gas capacity in the chest cavity, increase the number of gas exchanges in the lungs, and the extension of breathing can help. The full exchange of gas has effectively improved the supply of oxygen supply to all systems of the whole body, accelerated metabolism, and finally played

Training and enhancing cardiopulmonary function

The role.

Treatment of chronic diseases

During the exercise, all bone joints and muscles of the whole body will be trapped, twisted, squeezed and relaxed by mutual traction, twisting, squeezing, and relaxation. The peristalsis and improve the gastrointestinal function; it can be seen that this method of exercise can be significant

Prevention and treatment of various chronic diseases


For example: constipation, neurasthenia, nephritis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, insufficient gastrointestinal power, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Tai Chi Fan is simple and easy to practice, and has a lot of physical benefits. Cultivate it!

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