“Half -body long skirt” is the biggest surprise of the New Year. With boots, it is still thin and thin.

In addition to the pants, the skirt is also the favorite of tide, and the skirt has a lot of styles. When you match, you can choose different designs to reflect your good temperament.

If you choose a skirt for yourself this season, it is best to start with a long design. The matching of long skirts will be more gentle, covering the flesh and thinness. It is really the biggest surprise in winter. personality.


The first part: the matching skills of the half -body long skirt

① Don’t cover the ankle

Try the half -body long skirt in winter,


Be sure to choose the right length for yourself, too long and too short. It is recommended that you try the length under the knee and the ankle, which can modify your proportion, and it is also very meaty to match.

As long as the skirt you match does not cover the ankle,

Then your proportion will not be pulled down. If the skirt is too long, it will definitely look bloated, and it will look too heavy to cover the ankle

Essence Therefore, most people prefer to match short boots when wearing long skirts, which will be relatively simple and capable, and it will not cause bloating.

② High -waist half -body long skirt is even more figure

The length of the skirt is very important, but at the same time, you must pay attention to the length of the skirt. If you want to become taller, you must not miss the high -waisted skirt.


It can be used to modify your proportions through high waist skirts, and highlight your waist, which is very thin and thin.

With a short coat on it, it must be very fashionable, and the proportion of body will be more perfect. Even small people don’t have to worry too much.

Part 2: Introduction to the style of the half -body long skirt

① Black long skirt


The elegant little black skirt is a must -have in each temperament woman’s wardrobe. It is fashionable and decent, elegant and intellectual, although black looks ordinary,

However, the style it can reflect is very rich, and the matching of the black half -body long skirt is also very fashionable and elegant. It is recommended that mature women must start.

② Checked skirt

According to the color of the skirt, the plaid is also the most popular. Retro plaid can reflect the fashionable and elegant charm.

Many people’s winter matching is inseparable from checkered items. Whether it is a suit or coat, and pants and skirts, it is more fashionable in combination with retro grid.

Compared with solid color long skirts, the design of the checkered skirt will indeed be stronger, but it will be low -key compared to the printing items, and it is not so difficult to control. It is worth learning from.

③ pleated long skirt

According to the design, pleated skirts are definitely the hottest clothing in 2022, not only fashionable and versatile, but also adding a sense of design to your shape.

The combination of pleated skirts is very agile, and it is not easy to make mistakes in combination with coats and sweaters. If you are afraid of bad matching, try the basic black pleated skirt, and you can look thinner. With small black boots with the same color, the thin effect is super good!

Part 3: How can I match the half -body long skirt?

I have to say that the charm of a long skirt is really too powerful. No matter how you match it, you can always show the charm and charm of women. Let’s continue to see the blogger’s personality matching.

① Little incense wind jacket + small black skirt


There should be no need to say more about the classic small incense wind jacket, right?

The elegant charm comes up, and it is also high -level to wear, and the combination of small fragrant wind jackets and small black skirts is also a must -have shape for temperament girls

The black long skirt is elegant and decent, coupled with the blessing of a short small fragrant breeze jacket to modify your slender curve, it makes people have to love!



The lower body is matched with the basic black boots, which can keep warm and very thin. The color of the boots and the small black skirt can be the same, and it can extend the proportion of your lower body.

When wearing a small fragrant breeze jacket in winter, it is recommended that you first consider some short design. You can choose some popular colors in color.

For example, rice white and avocado green can show a gentle side and create a woman’s charm. It is not so monotonous to match the black half -body long skirt, fashionable and advanced.


Under your feet with short boots or long boots, if you are not good at matching high heels, try low -heeled boots, simple atmosphere and resistance, comfort is very high.

② Knit sweater + high -waist half -body long skirt


If you are not tall enough, you should try the combination of short tops and high -waisted skirts. It is obvious for the adjustment of the figure.

If your waist is not very obvious, it is possible to use a belt to modify or choose the color contrast contrast to modify.

The blogger below chose these fashionable careful machines

With the belt, the waistline can be modified, and the entire match can be decorated, or the black and white matching ratio can be selected to create a long leg.


The biggest surprise of the New Year this year is the long skirt. It is very fashionable to wear and stylish, which can interpret a sense of high -level and fashionable. It is simple to match the atmosphere and cover the meat. Putting on your boots can modify your proportion and look very tall.