These 5 pairs of explosive bottom pantyhose are warm and thin! Must -have in winter!

Nowadays, almost all parts of the country have been in winter. The cold weather frozen and died in the southerners, and frozen the northerners. In the cold environment, how can a beautiful fairy be beautiful?

Wear pantyhose! Choose the right pantyhose, not only keep warm, but also very thin! Come, let’s take a look at these 5 popular bottom pantyhose ~

1. Midugi ATSUGI velvet pantyhose 140d

Miku’s classic heating socks believe that many little fairies have worn, and the repurchase rate is very high. But in addition to hot socks, Houmu’s velvet pantyhose is also very popular ~

Its warmth and comfort are great, the velvet material is soft and silky, it does not tie meat, and it is particularly warm. 140d thickness can resist the weather of 10 degrees Celsius, keep warm and not show bloated legs ~


2. Tutuanna pantyhose 160d

Tutuanna is a Japanese national soft girl sock brand. Its socks are very young, and they are very popular with girls ~


This pantyhose is very comfortable, the elasticity is super good, it is easy to open it. The thickness of 160D will not feel thick, and the skin feels good.

This pantyhose is added with a thin layer of fluffy, and the gear is also thick design. It is not easy to get the ball. The details are done well ~

160D pantyhose is suitable for wearing in 10 ~ 20 degrees Celsius. Miss Southern Miss Southern can rest assured that PICK is the thickness.


3. Lets slim skinny leg socks 200D

Lets Slim’s stovepipe socks are super hot in South Korea, because its skinny leg effects are really good.


The LETS Slim’s skinny leg socks use a segmented pressure design. The cross -sides and hips have the design of Tira, and the workmanship is fine.

Although it looks small, its elasticity is very good, it is easy to wear it, and the effect of skinny legs is relatively obvious, but the comfort is not as good as thick wood and tutuanna, which will have a sense of pressure.

4. Uniqlo HEATTECH fluff on my feet tight pants


HEATTECH pantyhose is a hot autumn and winter item of Uniqlo. The texture is very good, there is no sense of pressure, elasticity and softness are excellent!


It is very skin -friendly, and the position of stepping on the foot is very fitted, which avoids the embarrassment of sliding often. It can resist the weather of 5-15 degrees Celsius.

5. Secret crown plus pants 1600D


The crown of the crown is relatively thick, and it will be a bit stressful. The velvet inside is very thick and conscience ~


Its gear design is very tight, the quality of the fluff is very good, and the waist care design is added to keep the lower body in all directions. You do n’t have to worry about cold at all.

Although it is very thick, the upper leg will not feel bloated, and it will not fall off. It can carry the weather below 0 degrees Celsius. Little fairy in the cold area in the north can get this one ~