Amazon’s insulting Chinese T -shirt -printed with a shark and a Chinese!

Today is March 14th

February 17th of the lunar calendar

Hi, I am Xiao Hei fat, so much news happened yesterday, did you all read it?

#12315 complaint platform enters WeChat Mini Program! Complaints are more convenient to protect rights

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced today that the “12315” applet was officially launched at the launching ceremony of the 12315 Internet platform.

Tomorrow is the “3.15” consumer rights protection day. In this context, today, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced at the release ceremony of the 12315 Internet platform nationwide. The “12315” small program was officially launched, and consumers can report on WeChat anytime, anywhere.

Xiao Hei Fat: 315 Small Program, where can I not accept something. Essence Essence


#The original action is too slow, Shenzhen cottage merchants are the first to launch the Galaxy S8

A Weibo account that often broke the news mobile phone @KK is low -key, and a set of photos recently announced. It can be seen from the photos that the cottage merchants in China not only can’t sit still, but also successfully “develop” Galaxy S8. It is worth noting that they are already ready for the boxes, and it seems that they can be shipped at any time.


Xiao Hei Fat: This is a naked ridicule hahahahahaha to make me laugh again. Essence Essence

#Amazon finally removed the product

Recently, Amazon has sold T -shirts printed on the Internet. These T -shirts are printed on the words “Save a shark, eat a Chinese”, “Save a dolphin, and eat a Chinese” and so on. In the end, it was sued by Chinese descent, but the Amazon leadership refused to get off the shelves to insult Chinese/Chinese products and ignore and suppress Chinese employees in the company.


But now it seems to have been removed, and these products can not be found on Amazon.

Xiao Hei Fat: Now I know that getting off the shelves, you shouldn’t be on the beginning. Essence Essence

#搜 uses promotion to implement fraud

Baidu said that recently, on the grounds of “using promotion to implement fraud and constitutes a serious breach of contract and infringement”, it has already filed a lawsuit on a number of search and promotion customers previously complained by netizens. Baidu also said that due to sufficient clues and evidence, the Beijing Haidian District People’s Court has officially filed a case and launched an investigation.


Xiao Hei Fat: Can you know it at first?

I said the chicken leg of this company!


12 o’clock in the middle of the night, come

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