Tide! “Toy Base Creative Unlimited” Trend Creator Forum held in Wuhou District

September 16th,

潮玩!“玩具基地 创意无限”潮流造物论坛在武侯区举办

“Toy Base, Creative Unlimited” Trend Forum

Hold in Wuhou District.

The forum is the theme of “Building a New Pattern, Building Economic Circle, Sharing Trend Culture”, aimed at integrating the trend culture, traditional culture and creative design industries, and explores new trends in the development of cultured industries.

潮玩!“玩具基地 创意无限”潮流造物论坛在武侯区举办

This event attracted the founders of many tide playing brands, the person in charge of the Wenchuang Enterprise, and the well-known designer in the industry. In the event, the industry’s large coffee has always been seen around the literary industry, and explores the trend of the trend of Chengdu to play the ecological circle.

潮玩!“玩具基地 创意无限”潮流造物论坛在武侯区举办

It is reported that Chengdu, September 19th to 20th will usher in its own fashion art exhibition – toy base · Fashion Art Exhibition, for more than 50 well-known tides from all over the country, IP studio will gather together, Chengdu tide people present a fashionable play original work.

“Fashion” hits the new version of the creation industry

潮玩!“玩具基地 创意无限”潮流造物论坛在武侯区举办

Trend toys, referred to as “tide”, also known as art toys or designers toys, create IP images by designers, given its meaning, and present them stereoscopic. With the hot union of the blind box economy, more and more related categories are included in the tide, and the play is also gradually become a business concept, which has become a new state of commercialization.

潮玩!“玩具基地 创意无限”潮流造物论坛在武侯区举办

Sichuan Youyuan Cultural Creative Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Your Culture”) is an IP development operation, product creative incubation, manufacturing, exhibition to a game platform, to “service designer” To provide designers all over the country with quality platform. The forum and the next “Toy Base · Fashion Art Exhibition” are the practice of the company in the heart, actively expand the practice of the cultural industry.

“With the 95th, after 00, gradually enter the society, the consumer market has ushered in new changes. They consume more willingness, pay more attention to experience consumption, Yue-repellent consumption, and personalized consumption. The game is being received by these consumers A new ingredients that are sought after. “The relevant person in charge of the superior culture said it will make full use of platform resources, shaping the tide of IP, taking advantage of the new era of Chengdu tide.

It is reported that the trend of trend cream and the fashion art exhibition, the superb culture hopes to attract more young designers to create more works, the company will provide supply chain support, promotion, sales channel, data analysis, IP management, A series of service content such as financial services, support designers grow, incubation original IP, build high added value, strong original, and good growth.

“On the one hand, we hope to use the forum to explore the real path to create a full playing ecotry ring with the vast majority of people. On the other hand, through the art exhibition, collect excellent fashion designers, original works, and improve Chengdu Fighting atmosphere, seeking more opportunities for cooperation. “

According to the relevant person in charge of the superirant culture, “Toy Base · Tide Play Art Exhibition” opened on September 19, there are 5 exhibitions, including many well-known IP studios such as Linyi, Shizhong, and Motites.

Deep conversation

According to statistics of relevant institutional data, the size of China’s tide playing economic market reached 29.48 billion yuan in 2020. A wide range of play products have revealed huge consumption energy in the market, and the game is broad.

What is the impact of playing booming of urban culture? How does the traditional culture and traditional culture? How to form the game culture ecotropic circle belonging to Chengdu, attracting more trend of original designers, excellent tide playing brand coming to Rong development, mutual benefit and winning? On the forum, the industry big coffee is a warm discussion around the above topics, playing industries from the development environment, IP creation, and ecotropic buildings.

“The process of playing creation, out of the traditional culture, the game itself represents novelty, under the traditional cultural collision, often wipe out sparks inadvertently, this contradiction has increased fun.”

The founder of the Red Horse studio said that now, today’s playing market is developing rapidly, and all colors are all flowers, which in the US Japanese products are mostly.

潮玩!“玩具基地 创意无限”潮流造物论坛在武侯区举办

The next generation of young people came to the military culture, and the local cultural cognition was greatly lacking. It hopes that our original products are imitated, transcend foreign cultures into guidance, combined with traditional culture, create only our excellent IP.

Created the “North Northern Rabbit” and other works, the designer Huang Xiaoxian frank, her new work is inseparable from Chengdu. “In my opinion, Chengdu is a city with big IP, the designer’s material collection. City style gives us design inspiration, we will also promote urban culture with the play of the game.” Huang Xiaoxian hopes to play in Chengdu Local play industry Do a big strong, you can provide better exchanges throughout the country, promotion platform. The development of the game, the work of the quality designer is inseparable from the fans who can’t leave the work, and the “It is not in the normals”, “it” is not in our lives.

The physicians of the Chinese, Zhu Yurui, from the enterprise, talent, service, foundation and the government five dimensions, and he said that Chengdu has a large number of small and medium-sized trend culture enterprises, compatible urban characteristics are also easy to promote Emerging cultural output.

He suggested accelerating the introduction and cultivation of industry leading enterprises and local artists, and creating a city label to create more attention points to Congcong. At the same time, he called on the majority of tide to play the employee to grasp the opportunity, stand on the wind.

潮玩!“玩具基地 创意无限”潮流造物论坛在武侯区举办

As a local tide of Chengdu, the name of the Kala leaf culture company believes that the image of the urban image IP, urban landscape planning, small to public space, and even the family indoor space furnishings, play IP development road is It is not only limited to circle culture, but a path that can be opened.

潮玩!“玩具基地 创意无限”潮流造物论坛在武侯区举办

“Chengdu is building a park city, we can completely invite the possibility of playing IP culture and landscape construction, so that the landscape is no longer in the same form, even the difference between other cities, more Chengdu characteristic new scene “Fu Yitu also issued an invitation to the tide of Chengdu to play the industry, hoping to join the new pattern of Chengdu’s urban economic development, to build a park city under the snow, and the happiness in the fireworks.

潮玩!“玩具基地 创意无限”潮流造物论坛在武侯区举办

In the forum, the relevant person in charge of the Pupu Yongdong also promoted the international city design industry center project.

潮玩!“玩具基地 创意无限”潮流造物论坛在武侯区举办

Wuhou integrated media reporter Pu Zhenwei