Outdoor new equipment Jackery CES on -site direct hit

Outdoor new equipment Jackery CES on -site direct hit

How to obtain stable and convenient power supply in outdoor has always plagued many users, especially for those who like camping, car self -driving, participating in outdoor music festivals, or even those who need to work in the wild. A few days ago, Jackey, an outdoor portable power brand, brought solar generators (referred to as “convenience electric”) Explorer series products at the CES 2018 exhibition.

Jackey booth scene

Jackey showed the Explorer500 solar generator at the exhibition. According to reports, the capacity of the Explorer500 battery reaches 500Wh, but the weight is only 5.4kg, which can be described as small and light, which is very easy to put in the trunk of the car.

Explorer500 products are very small and lightweight

Explorer500 supports AC 110V 2.6A 60Hz output, the continuous power can reach 300W, and the peak output power is as high as 500W. In the case of full power, the Explorer500 can provide a 10-hour power supply for ordinary mini refrigerators, or fill your laptop 4-6 times. If you like to take the camera and drone to shoot in the wild, then the Explorer500 can provide your camera with 30 charging services, or charge your drone 6-7 times.

Explorer500 parameter list

The Explorer series also has a variety of different types of products, such as Explorer200, which can supply power on the car refrigerator, or temporarily replace the RV power supply interface. Even the small Explorer75 has an AC output interface, which can provide your MacBook with 7-8 hours of extra battery life.


According to ALOK SARNA, the head of the Jackey booth, the Explorer series will also launch a larger capacity version such as Explorer1000 and Explorer2000 in the future. Their battery capacity is 1kWh and 2kWh, and the maximum output power will also be increased to 1-1.5kW.

Staff showing solar panels on the spot

At present, Jackey has prepared three different specifications of solar panels of 100W, 50W and 18W for the Explorer series. The Explorer series can not only achieve energy storage functions, but also use sunlight to generate electricity. Essence It is understood that the 100W solar panel can be filled with the battery in 8 hours in a sunny environment.

Demonstration of outdoor use Explorer series products

The Explorer series has attracted many audiences who love outdoor sports and camping. Many people also consult the product’s detailed parameters and purchase methods at the exhibition site. The person in charge of the Jackey exhibition hopes that “Explorer series high -performance portable solar generator will ignite the enthusiasm of outdoor exploration and provide better products and services for global outdoor enthusiasts.”

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