urgent! Changjiang 4 -year -old boy was locked in trunk! The owner can’t contact …

urgent! Changjiang 4 -year -old boy was locked in trunk! The owner can’t contact …

urgent! A 4 -year -old child in Changjiang

Holded in the car trunk of the car

The owner cannot contact

Fire break -breaking vehicles for rescue

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At 11 am on October 19th, the Changjiang Fire Brigade Quanqin Command Center received an alarm call that a child was trapped in the trunk of the trapped car, and the situation was urgent to ask for rescue.

Fire rescue workers arrived at the scene and learned that a child was accidentally locked in the trunk of the car when he was playing, and the owner could not contact him. Considering that the trapped time is too long, it will cause insufficient oxygen supply of trunk, and children may suffocate such as suffocation. In the case of minimizing the degree of damage to the vehicle, at the same time, avoid accidents during the disassembly process. Carefully use the tools to break and shoot videos as a later -stage certificate.

Firefighters first disassembled the glass window of the car door, put their hands into the car to open the door, and then entered the car to remove the back seat pad step by step, then enter the trunk, and take protection measures for the trapped persons. Later, open the trunk lock and successfully rescue the child. The whole process is less than ten minutes.

Why is the child trapped in the car?

It is understood that because the owner forgot to close the trunk door when leaving the car, the brothers climbed to the trunk when they were playing. My brother quickly found the parents reported the police.

Fire reminder

The firefighters reminded that the owner should carefully confirm that no one in the car and safely locked when leaving the car. At the same time, parents have to warn parents that in life to raise awareness of hidden safety hazards, children should be carried out under the guardianship of adults to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Source: South China Metropolis Daily

Reporter: Wang Kangjing Correspondent Guan Yezhenwen/Video

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Duty header: Ye Jian

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