How to arrange the wedding seat? Pay attention to these details

How to arrange the wedding seat? Pay attention to these details

The wedding banquet has a variety of details and particular details. The hospitality of the guests must not be sloppy, especially in the distribution of the seats of the banquet. Different guests also need to do some small groups in the seat division. It is reasonable. Arrange it to be more comfortable. Let’s take a look together!

1. The woman is living on the left, and the man is right. When the two sides are arranged, the elders, leaders, and guests are required to be in front of them. On the one hand, they respect them. You can give priority to toasting the number of tables, so that the elders and leaders will not wait for too long. If they need to leave the field in advance, it is more convenient.

2. According to the factors of the guests, the relatives are basically concentrated in a region. Friends, colleagues, and classmates can arrange according to the intimacy of the guests and the number of comes. There is a state of empty position, so it looks very scattered

3. Pay attention to whether there is any disagreement between relatives and friends and friends. Sometimes relatives, friends and colleagues, the relationship between everyone is always good and bad. Marriage is a happy event. The relationship itself is more sensitive to arrange it together. It is very embarrassing. In case of disputes in everyone’s words, it is not worth it. Therefore, you must imagine the intimacy between relatives and friends in advance.

4. Customize the seat map of your wedding in advance to determine the accurate number of guests, and then complete the customization of the seat diagram in advance. This is also convenient for their own planning arrangements. On the day of the wedding Where to sit, do n’t have to run around to circle, and when making a seat diagram, consider the child ’s seat, arrange baby chairs or separate seats or parents hold it. These must be arranged reasonably and properly. Facilitate everyone

5. When arranging a seat, it is best to arrange a person who can improve the atmosphere and take care of everyone at each table. This can help the newcomers to control the atmosphere and rhythm of the audience. Guest’s meals and needs are more secure. Of course, if it can be arranged, it is best to arrange it. If there is no suitable candidate, you can also let your family and friends help

Finally, when reservation venues, we must also consider the sense of space of the table seats. If you are the needs of 12 tables, then it is best to choose a banquet hall of 15 tables. It is more convenient, do n’t be too crowded, so that everyone is not convenient to walk, and it is easy to have a scene of sultry and crowded. If the conversation is too enthusiastic, there will be noisy phenomena. Therefore, the distance to control the seat is also very critical. ~

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