Going to the dining table is becoming more and more popular.

Going to the dining table is becoming more and more popular.

Do n’t think of designing the chicken ribs like this. If you try it, you will know that you can be used as a dining table from the wall to the table, and there is more space! Today, I will take everyone to look at 3 sets of cases. “Going to the table” is becoming more and more popular, and the functions are richer. In addition, the decoration grade is also rising!

NO.1 Oriental Blue Ocean House, covering an area of ​​105㎡

It can be seen from the apartment diagram that when the entrance door comes in the right living room, the kitchen area on the left does not place a long table like a traditional layout. Comfortable, a row of cabinets were created along the wall behind the wall, embedded in the refrigerator at the corner of the window, and effectively used the space.

✤ ✤ Before reconstruction

It can be seen from the rough room that there is a physical wall between the restaurant and the living room on the left side of the house, which makes the original restaurant space narrow and forced. The later design of the aisle is not easy. There is also a physical wall between the kitchen and the restaurant, and the space is too closely divided. It looks even more crowded when the furniture is finished.

✤ After the transformation

After the transformation, the space is quite different. The wall between the restaurant and the living room suddenly brighten a lot. The wall between the kitchen and the restaurant was also dismantled half, and the other half extended the desktop. A small restaurant formed. Although it is not large, the family is enough to eat together.

Even if the wall that was originally reserved was the partition of the two spaces of the kitchen, the extended desktop with the upper arc -shaped shape lamp, which divided it more vividly and did not affect the lighting. The dining table is wood, which looks more warm and gentle, and it will not make the space look monotonous. It will be matched with a black dining chair.


Shuxi Mansion

In addition, there is also this design of Shuxifu’s dining kitchen. The difference is the table extended from the wall. It is a partition between the kitchen and the study. Effect.

The desktop on the right side of the dining table has been extended to the side window of the study to form a L -shaped desk, which is very cleverly conceived. It is also very convenient to make books on the bottom of the bottom.


Blue Ding Holiday Fengdan Garden

Similar to the two designs above, there are also Lan Ding Holiday Fengdan Garden, but at this time the dining table acts as a partition design between the reading area and the entrance door.

The dining table is made along the outer wall of the kitchen. The tablet is made of rock plate materials. It looks simple and generous, and the desktop is arc treatment to prevent accidental harm from accidentally hitting the sharp corners when passing by. The side cabinet is embedded in the side wall of the kitchen door, leaving empty in the middle, which can be used to place some decorations, or coffee machines.

How do you think such a restaurant? If you want to accommodate more people, this design is completely not enough, but for small units, it is quite advantageous, and you still have to choose according to your preferences!

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