Finally get a learning table, saving money plan

Finally get a learning table, saving money plan

After watching the study table for a long time, PASS has a variety of bleached learning tables.

It is determined that a desktop is enough and deep in depth. It is 5-6 online English speaking lessons per week. During the Internet class, children can be sufficient to the learning machine.

The distance between the class is large enough.

Table: Lege E2 140*70, catch up with Li Jiaqi live broadcast, 1120 arrives, the husband installed it by himself, and you can reduce the 50 installation fee. Very stable, no taste. Overall value ok

Chair: Fertilizer. The workmanship is very good, without any burrs. No taste, the details are handled well. Children’s feet can be stepped on, so there is no problem in learning table high.

Table cushion: Jun Yue. The biggest size is very hard, and the writing is fine. However, if there is a color with a color, even if it is wiped, it will not be easy to wipe off.

The small cabinet on the table is a cosmetic shelf I eliminated. It is very good to put some commonly used books and various brushes. It is considered waste.

The cabinets and desktop bookshelves under the table are bought a lot, cheap and beautiful. The bookshelf is twelve dollars, and there are more than 70 cabinets at the table. The storage function is very good.

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Quality furniture recommendation: Study Table/chair.