Financial -level security technology Nubia smart door lock new products released

Financial -level security technology Nubia smart door lock new products released

Under the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the smart home industry has also been rapidly improved. Under the attractive development prospects and a good policy environment, the smart home is regarded by the Chinese home appliance industry as a wind, and many technology companies have deployed smart homes. Recently, the well -known mobile phone brand Nubia released a new new new product Z18mini at the Beijing China Film Director Center, and also released a smart home product -smart door lock.

The smart door lock released by Nubia had previously appeared at the WMC2018 exhibition, and the first release in China undoubtedly showed that Nubia has been actively studying a new industrial layout. At the same time, this new product with financial -level security encryption chips, military -level 30,000 pixel fingerprint recognition, zinc alloy material is priced at 1599 yuan, which is also the first “lock” of Nubia’s entry into the Internet of Things.

In terms of appearance, the smart door lock launched by Nubia adopts piano paint technology, covering zinc alloy lock, two damping slide design, comprehensive protection, very delicate; The waist, the overall design of high -end atmosphere.

As we all know, locks are security guarantees. At the level of security, Nubia smart door locks adopt a financial -level security technology system. The whole process data plus algorithm protection. Diamonds use encrypted chips to crack violent force to achieve A -level protection. In addition, Nubia smart locks also use B -Class locks, C -class lock cores, that is, square tongue locks, anti -violent locks, trigeminal oblique tongue cards open, Tian and earth hook 304 stainless steel material is stable and safe, and it truly achieves it. Comprehensive security guarantee.

In the unlocking solution, Nubia’s smart door lock provides as many as 5 types of unlocking methods, namely passwords, fingerprints, smart cards, keys, and mobile phones to unlock; greatly enhance the convenience of users during the use of users.

It is believed that in the near future, Nubia will further cooperate with partners with a model of providing a full set of smart interconnection solutions. In the fields of smart homes, smart cities, it occupies a certain market space. By the convenience of these “black technology” to life.

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