How is the seamless square tube made

How is the seamless square tube made

Main performance

1. Plasticity

Plasticity refers to the ability to produce plastic deformation (permanent deformation) without damage under the action of loading.

2. Hardness

Hardness is a pointer to measure the soft and hard level of metal materials. At present, the most commonly used method of determining the hardness method in production is the pressure into the hardness method. It is pressed into the tested metal material surface under a certain load with a certain geometric shape, and its hardness value is determined according to the degree of compression.

Common methods include Bud’s Hardness (HB), Louz Hardness (HRA, HRB, HRC) and Victoria Hard (HV).

3. fatigue

The intensity, plasticity, and hardness are the mechanical performance pointers of the metal under the action of static load. In fact, many machine parts work under circular load, and parts will cause fatigue under this condition. There is also an alien steel pipe with other cross -sectional shapes.

Welding steel pipes (GB/T3092-1993) for low-voltage fluid transportation are also called general welded pipes, commonly known as black pipes. It is a welded steel pipe that is used to transport water, gas, air, oil, and heating steam. The wall thickness of the steel pipe is divided into ordinary steel pipes and thick steel pipes. The specifications of the steel pipe are expressed in the nominal caliber (MM), and the nominal caliber is the approximate value of the inner diameter. It is commonly used in inches, such as 11/2. Welding steel pipes for low -voltage fluid transportation are directly used to transport fluids, and they are also used as the original tube for welding steel pipes with galvanized welding steel pipe for low -voltage fluid transportation.

Galvanized welding steel pipes (GB/T3091-1993) for low-voltage fluid transportation also known as galvanized welding steel pipes, commonly known as white pipes. It is used to transport water, gas, air oil, heating steam, warm water, etc., such as low pressure fluids or other uses of hot -dip galvanized welding (furnace welding or welding) steel pipe. The thickness of the steel pipe is divided into ordinary galvanized steel pipes and thickened galvanized steel pipes.

Ordinary carbon steel wires (GB3640-88) are steel pipes used to protect the wires in electrical installation projects such as industrial and civilian buildings, installation machinery and equipment.

The straight seam welded steel pipe (YB242-63) is a steel pipe with the longitudinal parallel of the weld and the steel pipe. It is usually divided into public welding steel pipes, welding thin wall pipes, transformer cooling oil pipes, and so on.

Pressure fluid conveyor use of spiral joint buried arc welding steel pipe (SY5036-83) is a tube blank with hot-rolled steel belt. It is often formed by temperature spiral and welded with double-sided buried arc welding. Steel Pipe. The steel pipe has strong pressure and good welding performance. After various strict scientific inspection and testing, use is safe and reliable. The steel pipe has a large caliber, high conversion efficiency, and can save investment in laid pipelines. It is mainly used for pipelines that transport oil and natural gas.

General classification

(A) According to process -arc welded pipes, resistance welding pipes (high frequency, low frequency), gas welding pipes, furnace welding pipes

(b) Press the welded seam -straight seam welding pipe, spiral welding pipe

2. Classification according to the shape of the section

3. Classification of wall thickness -thin wall steel pipes, thick wall steel pipes

4. Classification according to use -steel pipes for thermal workers, steel pipes for mechanical industrial, oil, geological drilling steel pipes, container steel pipes, chemical industrial steel pipes, special use steel pipes, other steel pipes, other steel pipes, other steel pipes, other steel pipes, others

Main process

1. Sanitary mirror tube process process:

Tube Black -Testing -Dipping -Inspection -Heating -Passing -Pickling -Molting and Dry -Weld Head -Cold -Drawing -Pickle -Pig Passivation -Inspection -Cold Rolling -Remove Oil -Cut the head -air -dried -inside polishing -inspection -identification -finished packaging

2. Industrial pipe process process

Tube Black -Testing -Dipping -Inspection -Heating -Passing -Pickling -Molting and Dry -Weld Head -Cold -Drawing -Pickle -Pig Passivation -inspection

3. Welding pipe process process

Open roll -flat -end -cutting and welding -live sets -forming -welding -internal and external welded beads removal -pre -school correction -induction heat treatment -fixed diameter and school straight -vortex detection -cutting off —— Water pressure check -pickling -final inspection -packaging

4. Seamless square tube process process

Round steel -tube billet -inspection -heating -perforation -setting diameter -hot rolling -flat head -testing -ball -type annealing -cold -formed -齐 齐 — 齐 — 齐 — -test

Product Recommendation: A270 TP304L Sanitary Mirror Polished Seamless Pipe