G801 e-sports gaming headset evaluation of fighter in parity ~ 129 yuan!

G801 e-sports gaming headset evaluation of fighter in parity ~ 129 yuan!

G801 review

The Termec poisonous bee series has released a new product, inheriting the consistent lightweight design idea, and the new G801 gaming headset has appeared.

Compared with the previous Shuomeike G936 and G951

A big slice lighter

, and added a foldable portable design, easy to take outdoors. In addition, the four-pole 3.5mm audio interface has almost

Full platform compatibility

, such as tablets, mobile phones, game handhelds, consoles and PCs and other devices, rich usage scenarios. On the other hand, two version options are provided, the standard model does not have an external sound card, and the upgraded model is additionally equipped with a 7.1 sound card, USB+3.5mm interface, the practicality of the latter is higher, and the price is slightly more expensive than the former by 30 yuan, which is still worth the comparison.

Positioning of Termec Venomous Bee series G801 gaming headset

Entry level

, standard price

Only 129 yuan

, the design is different from most gaming headsets that pursue a cool appearance, and is more inclined to practical performance. The whole is very concise, narrow head beam, the pursuit of the ultimate lightweight body. thereinto

The iconic color scheme of the venomous bee series is used

, fluorescent yellow and black mix and match, earcup shell is large

The big venomous bee LOGO is highly recognizable.

The headphones are equipped with a four-pole 3.5mm audio cable, whether it is a PC or a mobile phone, you can directly enable the microphone function, which is more friendly.

The traditional headbeam frame structure of the earphone, the eight meridian oval earmuffs, a strong sense of integration. The shell has a fine-grained texture throughout, and a fluorescent yellow high-gloss plaque to increase recognition, but the overall plastic feeling is still relatively strong. Among them, the earcups can be folded into the foldable structure, which is conducive to storage and reduces the space occupied by the headphones. There are not many gaming headsets at this price range.

Headset microphone plug-in design with fixed cable and anti-plug anti-recess. Conventional hose material,

It can be bent and adjusted in any direction

Pluggable microphones

Folding design

The headpads and earcups are wrapped in mainstream protein cortex, the headpads are always filled, and the earcups are slightly thinner. The oval earcups have a wide inner diameter to guarantee

The vast majority of players wear and use non-pressing ears.

Integrated in-line remote with volume adjustment knob and microphone switch switching.

The button operation mode and layout are different, which is conducive to blind operation,

Mispresses are completely avoided.

The measured net weight of the G801 gaming headset is only about 201.4g, which is much lighter than the official nominal 255g. Thanks to the lightweight advantage, the headphones are worn in a very relaxed posture (almost non-sensory wearing),

Continuous use for a long time without feeling the indenter or chuck

Equipped with the use of a mainstream 40mm driver unit, the three-band performance is balanced, it is recommended to choose an external 7.1 sound card version, the sense of atmosphere is expected to be improved. Among them, bias to FPS game tuning, ambient sound effect suppression, more emphasis on footsteps and gunshots, especially the former, the performance in the hundred-yuan gaming headset is very good, the sense of horizontal and vertical space can be determined, and the sound can be clearly expressed near and far.

Not limited to PC platform, four-pole 3.5mm interface

Eating chicken directly in mobile games is also fully able to meet the needs and has good practicality.

The price of Shuomeke Venomo Bee series G801 gaming headset is quite affordable, more than 100 yuan,

Good compatibility and practicality.

Among them, the folding structure uses storage, which is portable and friendly. Of course, its most prominent highlight is

Lightweight body, net weight is only more than 200g, almost inductive wearing,

Very relaxed. In today’s popular exaggerated design and stacking configuration trend, such a design bias like G801 is more rare, and the pursuit of practical is a good choice.


-Extremely lightweight body for a comfortable fit

-FPS games with the same price have excellent sound quality

-Foldable and portable

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