It is recommended that it is not too cold, and the coat, trousers are free, and when the three five years

Nowadays, this word is getting deeper into the hearts of people. Small friends who have just arrived in kindergarten, the big people have become a grandmother, they will hang fashion in their mouths every day, but what is fashionable? It is to break the routine, break the original constraint, create a styling that is suitable for you, and makes people look.

After the winter, many people will choose boots as a match, but they are


Not too cold

For example,


Guangdong, Hainan

These local boots are not worn on the winter, this


A pair of canvas shoes seem practical


With the outer casing, the pants are fashionable and comfortable, the key is that they will not be outdated for three or five years.

First, the advantage of canvas shoes

Keep warm

When it comes to canvas shoes, many people feel that they are only suitable for the spring and autumn two seasons, because the summer wears too hot, winter wear is too cold, in fact, not the case, understanding the designers of everyone, once in the canvas shoes, innovation, Let canvas shoes can be matched in the four seasons, especially in winter, canvas shoes will have thickened plush, wearing a cold in the feet.


❷ ❷ ❷

Before the canvas shoes have always been one of the favorite items of students, and now more and more people put their eyes on canvas shoes, like many stars, fashion people, I like to use canvas shoes to create a good look. Because everyone sees the biggest advantage of canvas shoes, it is a hundred, and any single item, canvas shoes are completely no problem.

Diversified style

Once upon a time, canvas shoes have always been representing youth and leisure, but now the style of canvas shoes is diversified and diversified, and different clothing can match different styles, and they have added other charms on the basis of youth and leisure. Applicable to a variety of occasions and most people.

Second, the choice of canvas shoes

From the style, canvas shoes are divided into high-top and low help; from color, canvas shoes have colorful, like white, red, yellow, green, etc., now there is a gradual color, only you can’t think of, there is no canvas shoes. I can’t do the color, but the most common is not black, so everyone can try a black high canvas shoes in winter, on the one hand, it is easy to take, and keep warm and match.


Third, wearing a formula

Although canvas shoes can be matched with any single product, in winter, it is recommended that everyone puts canvas shoes with jackets, trousers, after all, is very plasticity, for age, body, and height.


1 admittance + denim trousers + canvas shoes

The skin coat has always been awarded that domineering, cool and cool, usually with the slim black trousers to make this style more highly high, but fashion is to “anti-its way”, we are with youthful vitality Jeans and canvas shoes, let two styles have a strong collision, resulting in a different spark.

2 suit jacket + straight trousers + canvas shoes

In the previous suit jacket, it would only appear in the formal occasion, but now everyone habitually creates a suitcase, practicing style, but also pays attention to wearing a suit jacket in a daily life, try to choose a wide Edition.


It is best to make the best to make the overall shape to maximize the effects, and this matching method, for girls who are fat, is also very friendly, after all, Oversized suit jacket, can effectively cover Meat on the body, thus achieving a thin effect.

3 down jacket jacket + tight trousers + canvas shoes

Speaking of winter clothes, how can you not have a down jacket, worry about the down jacket + boots, you will try a magic combination of a canvas shoes. If you have a monotonous, you can match a pair of colorful canvas shoes. Let your fashion value rise instantly.

After reading the introduction above, is you already eager to try it? Then act quickly, create a good look and fashionable style for yourself.

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