When the owner was accepted, it was found that there was a problem with the floor brick, and the master didn’t say it all.

Since the owner’s decoration style is based on American pastoral, in the selection of the floor tiles, the 500×500 has an antique brick, and then surrounded by the paving method of the corner flower, it is only in the acceptance, it will find this brick corner. There is a problem with flowers, although it is not very obvious, but the master is still unpacking.

It is mainly that the owner has found that the corner flowers of this bricks will actually have two styles. If they don’t take a close observation, I can’t find it. Later, the two colors of the four colors are about each. Half, starting the master thought is the owner, deliberately use these two corner flowers to do it, now it seems to be the owner, the store will give the goods wrong, but now it has been posted I am afraid I can’t replace it.

The owner also said that it is not the case, although it is a different corner flower, but it is not close to see if it is too much. If the rework is too much, the master is not saying less. I have been dismantled, and then equipped with a single corner flower, because the master feels that since the decoration, it will be as satisfied with the owner, do not leave anything, and of course the cost of rework is all the masters. After all, this has a certain relationship with himself, and did not feedback in time when this issue was found.


So we are in the decoration, no matter who is purchased by the material, the cash on the home check is to do, confirm that there is no problem, then go to the construction, avoiding a similar situation.


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