Martin boots lost, fashionable sterling love “pointed boots”, hundreds of foreign graphics small women temperament

Many people say that if you want to see a person’s character, then look at her shoes, because the shoes can react a lot of information, such as a person’s shoes, especially clean, just like new buy Same, then this person is a person paying attention to hygiene and paying attention to small details;

So everyone will not ignore the importance of shoes, because shoes are really critical.

In recent years, the boots of Martin have been high, and it is a lot of people’s heart, and this year, Martin boots gradually start to withdraw from the rivers and lakes, and pointed boots have become a new darling in the fashion world. I want to make myself fashion. In winter, you must need a pair of pointed boots, the pointed version comes with a small woman, and is particularly modified.


But there are a lot of don’t know how to match it? Don’t worry, I will tell you about the matching skills and methods of pointed boots.

First, pointed boots + coat


In winter, everyone must try the coat, because the coat is really suitable for everyone, whether it is age, or a tall fat, a coat can make you with stylish, this is the most likely the most likely close to fashion. Modeling, and warm performance is second only to the down jacket, if you choose a coat of lamb hair, the warmth is absolutely super powerful.


Under normal circumstances, women wear coats will show special sneaks, but they also need to add some items with femaled elements, like pointed boots, you can take this task well.


In addition, the pointed short boots look relatively light from the shape, this is a major advantage that many shoe types, especially Martin boots, so the skin of the pointed boots will have aesthetics, and they will match the coat. Together, it brings a good visual effect to improve the overall shape.


Second, pointed boots + down jacket

One of the down jackets, I want to have the first reaction of most people is bloated, and the pointed boots can greatly weaken the shortcomings of the down jacket, and the narrow shoe type and the wide down jacket form a distinct contrast, which is solved. The problem of dressing, showing the sense of charming lines.


It is recommended that when you look with the down jacket, choose the black pointed boots, which will be better.

Third, pointed boots + sweaters

The sweater is definitely a single item that can’t be missing in winter. If you don’t want your own shape, you will choose to match the pointed boots, save time and effort.


Since the style of the pointed boots itself is more obvious, you can match the style and colorful sweaters, more highlight the uniqueness of the boots, so that the fashion value of the overall shape is more upstairs.


Third, pointed boots + suits jacket

Before the suit jacket is often used by everyone, or is wearing the staff, but now the suit jacket begins to gradually become popular, and it becomes more and more difficult to get out of the color, it may not pay attention, It will be particularly embarrassing.

However, the appearance of pointed boots will give this problem to the blame, just use the simplest color matching formula, such as we wear a classic black, white color costume, like this is simply “selling insurance” basic operation, But just join a pair of brick red pointed boots, the fashion feeling is enhanced, and the official gas field will fall, which can be seen that the pointed boots are really important.

After reading the above introduction, everyone quickly tries to try the pointed boots! Whether it is with coats, down jackets, or with sweaters, wear jackets can help you create a good look and charming shape, what are you waiting for?

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