Throw your bloated cotton coat, New Year’s coat selection jacket

Every girl has a dream of a boys. It doesn’t have to wear a high heel shoes. Don’t worry, I don’t have to wash the door. I have seen the acquaintance. I want to ride a motorcycle in the night. I feel the wind from all sides … Although it is difficult as a dream physiology. The more difficult to achieve, but we can try to change your own shape, the girl can be handsome.

Flying jackets are from the US soldiers and land air military services. It is one of the indispensable single items in the boys’ wardrobe. The upper body includes the beauty of men. It is another style that wears in girls, hiding the female temperament, showing the side of women.

The white flight jacket has the effect of brightens the skin color, and the white t is briefly and handsome, and the short-length dress of the lower body avoids the overall too male, while showing the handsome and softness of women.

The overall black-free flying jacket always looks a bit dull and serious, and it will be very good for the painting. Chinese style is full of Chinese wind, while the chest is full of personality, the harmonious and unity of different elements, and the flying jacket is displayed.

I believe that there is a different dream in your heart, so try to start with a flying jacket, come with Xiaobian to see the handsome flight jacket below.

1, military green flight jacket


The flight jacket from the US military team comes with military style, the military green fabric hits the 12th extra large zipper, and the material has collided with a strong American. Take a big pocket, handsome is not only a little. The cotton lining, the cold resistance is great, and winter can be handsome out of the street in winter.


2, embroidery cloth flying jacket

The rear, large-scale printed stickers combines the essence of American streets, with a strong rebellious color. Oversize’s version of the upper body will not look loosely, don’t worry, use gray as a tone, put on the skin color. The small pockets on the sleeves have a more asymmetric beauty.


3, leisure BF wind flying jacket

This piece of flying jackets do not have a simple wind to the extreme, threaded cuffs and hem, not only the wind is also improved, and there is a need for the effect. With a black narrow feet, you can interpret your handsome interpretation.

4, street punk flight jacket


The biggest highlight of this flying jacket is to wear the hemp rope in the clothes, and the atmosphere is in the absence of the street. The overall flue-blue base tone with a strong street punk dark-cut, highlights the individual’s non-choice. With Martin boots, handsome seem to be slut.


5, fur collar rivet flight jacket

The minimum element in winter is a fur collar, and the furry circle looks very warm. This jacket fused with the fur collar and flying jacket together, dispelled, and it was too hard. The two rivets next to the zipper, integrated into the punk style, but there is no sense of violation, such a flying jacket is unique.


6, embroidery letter flight jacket


The unique hem design, the ring zipper, all distinguished this flying jacket and other jackets. The PU fabric comes with a high level, and the large pocket design has a casual feel. The embroidery printed behind makes this jacket more.

7, lamb hair pilot jacket


This cold winter you need a warm jacket to help you resist the cold wind, and the inner miles of the lamb will increase the cold function to the new height. Gray-tuned suede fabrics, slightly fresh, the tough style of the middle and jackets, the upper body is not bloated, the winter is new.

8, BF wind embroidered flying jacket

The version of this jacket is also loose version, which is very good to hide the imperfect place. The alphabet on the sleeves has a personality, minimalist shortage, the thread neckline plus the poster, the fashion is not picked up.


You need a flying jacket to support your inner dreams, put on your jacket, chasing your dreams, at least let yourself left regret.