Shiseido Water Maxi Shampoo Shampoo 6 Best Brand

Shiseida Washing Water Water

“Water Method”

The high-grade shampoo series developed by consumers who pursue the results of the show. Let moisturizing ingredients penetrate into the core, lock the moisturizing moisture inside the hair, and form a moisturizing protective film on the surface of the hair.

Is the best brand in shampoo

. Especially the lady wants to be soft, you can try it!

1, condensation water series


Product Features: For hair, dry thirsty hair, add amino acids and water-raised collagen ingredients, supplement more water for hair, lasting, reappearing Yueze. Effect: A water-soluble collagen component composed of an amino acid composed of hydrostal collagen ingredients (moisturizing protective ingredients). It is a “high-quality water ingredient” that is easy to retain moisture, not easy to lose, locks the moisture inside the hair and seals, and keeps moisturizing for a long time.

2, the condensation source series

Product Features: Help Chinese women to achieve a desire of Hair Runfeng, through the hair of Mo Mei, brought the life of a living. Conditioning the scalp growth environment, achieving the promotion of our own water. Quickly repair damaged ladle. Continuous use every day, the hairline water is slippery, and the fingertips are straight.


3, condensing and skin shower gel

Product characteristics: For severe damage caused by dyeing, water-rich collagen and repair essence, for the internal additional moisture, so that the exterior of the hair exterior is smooth, and the hair is not afraid of hot, heavy It is now water to make a living. Effect: Fushun, the scales, let the hair health care essence liquid ingredient. It is often used in advanced beauty fluids. Repair the hair, the simulated polymer of the cell membrane structure.

4, free to wash the essence care series


Pure Natural Sunflower Plant Essence forms a moisture protective film on the surface of the skin, deep lock moisture, moisturizing the skin. Mild cleaning effect: moderately clean ingredients can effectively remove excess grease and dirt, gentle, dry, rough skin. Moistive effect: hydrophilic aggregation component, absorbs water molecules, retention of moisturizing on the skin surface, supplement the moisture lost by the skin. Water film care: Sunflower plant essence, form a moisture protective film on the skin surface, lock moisture, reduce water distribution. Continue to distribute faint fresh floral fragrance!


5, free to wash the essence care series

– Yunshi smooth essence spray lasting moisturizing, inhibiting fluffy dry, letting hair more complain. Water-soluble substances, feature that is easy to absorb, but not easy to dry, is a component having high oil supply. You can enclose the moisturizers inside the hair, keep the water moisture for a long time.

– Destinous repair night essence milk has a ladle repair ingredient, effectively repair trip fork, rough, hard, etc., hair is worried, and the show will reproduce the brightness. Fresh and elegant floral fragrance can eliminate the disgusting odor such as smoke patterns.

It is better to use with water., Japan

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