I and billionaire, only one sweater

Recently, there is a US drama of the Douban Rating 9.4 ~ It is “Succession”.

This drama is a media tycoon worth $ 18 billion, and chooses a succession from four children.

This drama is so high, in addition to intricate plots, there are also a role close to realistic rich.

British version of “GQ” magazine said it is “

Ultimate guide wearing a billionaire


“Logan Roy Buy a $ 2,000 sweater, not to see someone, but to wear comfort.”

– Designer Michelle Matland


Unlike the brilliant houses in the traditional luxury, all kinds of pigeon egg diamonds, the luxury of LOGO, “succession” is very low.


Even if it is a dinner, Roy’s baby daughter Shiv’s skirt is not an impression of a big skirt.

These two skirts are $ 1851 Monse and $ 1200 Talbot Runhof.

See here, I don’t know if everyone is inspired? How can we wear clothes?

The answer is obvious,

Poking comfortable, emphasizing texture, letting clothes return essence

Take our familiar billionaire, Jobs wearing the sweater host, Zuckerberg is also a low-key shirt, even if you want to go to Marsk, the image of everyone is mostly black and white. Ash is main.


In fact, it is not only these male rich people, and the Meng Liangzhou we have written before, and Dong Mingzhu, who has recently been hot, is all recognized as well-known clothes, clothes, no luxury logo, full body .

Most of their clothes are tailoring smooth atmosphere, even if there is logo, up to it is only in the eyes, and walking is a low-key luxury route.

Meng Liangzhou and Dong Mingzhu single look at the length of the body, in fact, it is similar to those who are with our side. Not a thin body, no beautiful face, but every time we can’t feel confident that they distribute from the heart.

And it is this confident, plus the decent clothes, let them get out of the style of Chinese women.

So in choosing clothes, we may wish to use these female successful people as templates, learn their clothes.


For example, when wearing daily,

Keep neaniness without wrinkles

. Just like this shirt skirt, even if wearing a blogger, crumpled is very unhappy.

In contrast, the flat-shaped clothes seem to have more high-level feelings, and will give people a feeling of serious treatment.

Second, it is best not too much to choose too much in the choice of clothes color. Of course, this is not letting everyone limit on black and white ash, and some colorful colors are very good.


For example, this caramel, etc., it is gentle and beautiful.

The last point may also be the most difficult to note.

While ensuring comfort, we must pay attention to the cropping of the costume, simple and smooth, can modify the figure.


On the fabric, try to choose some natural fabrics, such as cashmere wool, comfortable and have a texture.

I have an experiment, encourage my mirror every morning, and the whole person will slowly become confident.

It is better to let our success of our success, starting with wearing.


Give yourself a good start, give yourself a psychological suggestion, the next female entrepreneur, maybe you?



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