The money to shoot “Family Fu” is handed over, but people are not there.

Suifen River in April, unusually cold.

This border small town in the southeastern part of Heilongjiang is obviously not awake, and there is only a rare vehicle and people on the street. In the morning fog of Bai Meng, I can see that two people are in the past.


After a routing, I saw that one person suddenly bowed her chest, and I fell on the ground.

“Old history! Old history! What happened?” Hearing the sound, and the companions ran to hug him.

“Old History! Stevjun! I wake up!” He shouted with his wife and shouting with the cry.

No matter how it shouts, the old history in his mouth still does not wake up, and the mouth is slowly overflowing the foam.

After half an hour, the doctor walked out of the emergency room and said, let him have a deep abyss:

“Sorry! Skiv Jun died in acute myocardial infarction …”

“After the work, eat, eat it!”

In late March, Shandong Fei County “Sweeping Office” received a black report, the solid evidence in the report was not much, the clearest lecture was the suspect worked in the Suyang Forest Farm in Heilongjiang.

“I participate!” As the most important part of the criminal investigation team, the most ways, Safi, who specializes in hard bones, take the initiative to ask. The military 15 years, from the police 14 years, urgent tasks, he always rushed in the first line, this time.

On the morning of April 1st, the Safun and the Supervisor Brigade Liu Chi took on the journey of investigating this black and evil case.

After Liu Yichang, I still remember the evening before the departure. Stevjun called him to call him, saying that the minimum temperature on the Suifen River is 4 to 6 degrees, don’t forget to bring thick clothes.

“The old history is such a careful, whether in the work or life.” Liu Yichen said with tears.

From Linyi to Qingdao, from Qingdao to Mudanjiang, from Mudanjiang to Suifen River, the two people have changed the train, all the road, the servant, the horse does not stop, and finally at 2 pm on April 2nd to Suifenhe City.

When I got off, I was hit by a cold wind. I saw the snow and thick ice of the far mountains. After Liu Cai, I was very glad to have a Hirogan reminder, bringing a thick suit with the bottom of the box.


Put your baggage into the hotel. When Liu Cai is ready to call Safun, he has found that he has already contacted a witness, talking about the other party at 2:40 with them with them with them.

“After you can live again, the materials get your hand, eat it.” Sife Jun, who quickly entered the working state, said to Liu Na.

“The old history will be a mass job. Generally, the person may be unwilling to come to testify, especially the black case, and the old history is chatted from the same age, and the words of the hometown, talking with the hometown of hometown and hometown People talk about good life, talking, talking to the other party in the phone, the other party is also very willing to testimize us. “After Liu Na, he admired.


At 2:40, the two met with witnesses, Liu Ya asked, Schiff Jiji, two people used two hours, and the suspects involved in the case were hired to hurt a forest farmer, and then identified as serious injuries. After the suspects commit crimes, they escaped back to the elderly in Shandong Fei County.


After completing the materials, send away witnesses, Sifu Jun is very excited, and discussed with Liu Cai, “This witnessed witnesses are important, and the suspects and committed crimes will also need to go to the public security organ to adjust the year. Reporting materials and victim’s transcripts, injured and identification, will go to the Suyang Forestry Public Security Bureau as soon as tomorrow. “

What didn’t think of Liu Chi, this Sifujun’s remarkable speech recorded a written person in his departure into his brush from the police.

At 6 o’clock in the morning, he fell to the side of the unmanned road.

At 6 o’clock in April 3, the two were taken from the Suyang Forestry Public Security Bureau of 30 kilometers away from the Fuyang Forestry Public Security Bureau.

The north is very cold in April, only 6 degrees, and the door is not seen in pedestrians and vehicles. Two people think that the possibility of hitting the car not far from the hotel is relatively large, and the bag is all the way.

When the two just arrived at the roadside, I saw that Safun suddenly bowed her chest, then fell down on the ground.

“Old history, old history, what happened?” Liu Yicheng shouted, and passers-by immediately dialed 120 emergency calls.

Looking at the coma, Siffun Jun, who was twitching, was rushing to take off his clothes behind him, then rubbed the foam that spilled in his mouth with paper.


The time to rescue is in addition to the frozen, it seems extremely long and cold. After Liu Cai, he was anxious at the door. He kept at the door of the game and the dead. I hope that the doctor will open the door, and the doctor will open the door.

“嘎”, the door opened, and the heart behind Liu was also picked up.

“Doctor, how about Safun?”

However, the doctor said that he didn’t want to hear it, “Sorry! Stev Jun is dying, died in acute myocardial infarction …”

Good at “quarrel”, fighting for the direction

The 204 room is the office of Sifu Jun.

Li Cheng, who hosted the team’s work, clearly remembered that there was a late night he handled the case, and he saw 204 rooms, and he can hear a fierce quarrel.

“What is noisy, there is that energy quickly returned home to help the wife, do something.” Li Cheng pushed the Safu Jun and Zhang Jie who won the power.

“No quarrel!” Two people were embarrassed to have a mist.

Li Chengyi asked, the original two people debated together. In the poison case, the suspect has entered a group of raw materials from Jiangsu Changzhou. Zhang Jie, who is the deputy captain, believes that this is a common chemical, the squadron is insufficient, and it doesn’t check it. You must check it, check whether the vendor is almost suspected of crime.

Li Cheng is sitting down and helping analysis, and the result is also controversial. The final result of the debate is to check. For such a check, the two logistics company bosses and a supplier who illegally sells the raw materials of the drug-based materials are investigated for criminal responsibility.

“The old history is straightforward, what is said, never hide, everyone likes to find him to explore the case, in fact, the debate is also the process of learning, and striving to compete for the direction of investigation.” Wei Peng Say.

On March 10, 2017, the brigade won a drug trafficking clue, a group of foreigners went to Qixian Town, lease a remote factory production drug, and on the 15th of their first drug will be formed, arrest time It is also a day.

The plan will never change. Because the poisonous plant has a irritating odor, it is reported by the villagers in the nearby villagers on the afternoon of the 14th, and the environmental protection department rushed to investigate. This suddenly crazy, the major suspects of poisoning drug trafficking have been smelling the wind, although arresting action is forced to advance, but the police only arrested the three offline small 啰.

The main suspects who escaped are unfamiliar with the suspects of the network, and many people use the pseudonym and fake ID cards. Many people think this case is yellow. This is, Safun has turned into a crowd and began to debate.

“You are a break, jump from the high wall of 4 meters and catch drug dealers, the bones are not broken, and there is a thought ‘quarrel’!” Teammates hit him.

“My ‘quarrel’ doesn’t have legs!” Stev Handsome hurt to teeth: “Who said yellow? As long as the suspect appears, he will leave a spider silk, he always cost money? He always have to eat. He always travel? These are not all clues! “

He did not give up, through the suspect of the interrogation, and the simulated portrait of the main criminal suspect, then rushed to Shangye Town with a team member, from the corner of the case, the hotel restaurant, the financial system copied more than 100 GB video information It is three days and three nights.

At 2 o’clock in the evening, he gave Zhang Jie called Zhang Jie: “The suspect determines that the main suspect is determined in a hotel’s video, and then develops his activity trajectory, and now his identity is now.”

In this annihilation battle against drug crime, Safun proposed and adopted a “peeled” survey by Table and in the “peeling” strike, online “synergistic” operation, three towns, two Going to Hebei, more than 10,000 kilometers, arrested 19 suspects involved in the case, including all major criminal suspects and abnormal jealousy repeatedly leaking nets, knocking out two poisoned dens, seized 349.19 kg, equipment and A large number of raw materials, became the police department of the Ministry of Public Security, and also the largest drug case in the history of Fei County.

There is a lot of things in his heart, but there is no yourself.

When the argument case, Safi Chang often made a thick neck with his colleagues. However, every time he encountered danger, he always had a rush, put his comrades behind him.

In August 2014, when the task force rushed to Lanling to arrest two stealing suspects, the suspect increased the throttle, crazy reversing, and hit the car of Safun. Safun machine is brave and courageous. After more than 10 minutes of fierce collision, it will eventually die of suspected vehicles, and then Sgar Jun jumped out of the passenger seat, and the suspect driving the car was controlled by a struggler.


After successfully arrested, the careful comrades found that Safun’s nearly scrapped car collision deformation is in the position of the cab, and the rear seat of the comrades ride is not damaged.

“Old History has seen it, and the things heard can remember, the heart is particularly thin, which makes everyone admire!”

This is the general evaluation of the civilian police of the Criminal Investigation Brigade.

On May 30, 2017, the intentional murder of Liang Qiu Town in Feixian, causing death and one injury. After the incident, Luo Zhuang’s criminal suspect, Luo Zhuangji, who is very strong, is very strong, specially picking up the Hermiting Mountain Road, and does not leave any valuable clues after running.

After a confidential investigation, the police finally won a blur screenshot of Lu Mou at night to Ranling County. They can only see him with a tennis cap and a plastic bag.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon of June 22, with the assistance of the relevant departments of the Linyi City Public Security Bureau, the police received an important clue. Lu Mou may take the car to Fei County to visit his children. Safun immediately and his comrades in the Fei County Bus Station. The pocket is put down.

“The four criminal police have a casual clothes, closely pay attention to the passengers wearing tennis caps, just when a passenger wearing a straw hat just walked from my eyes, only listened to Hijun’s shouting ‘, he’, then rush A lock throat is fell in the ground. This person is the suspect we have to catch. I learned afterwards that Safen not only took the suspect’s video to the brain, but even the public security online can search. A photo is in the mind, so no matter how it makes it makes it, it can be recognized by the old history. “Zhang Jie returned to the instant of arrest, and felt that Safun was still fighting side by side.

Only when you are in your heart, there are only people in the sea to accurately identify the murderey flavors. In the past 14 years, as long as Sifu Jun is involved in more than 800 criminal cases of investigation, more than 700 rival suspects arrested, will be treasure.

Safun’s heart is very thin, can remember the details of each handling case, remember the safety of the knife in the sword, remember the masses who need help, but there is no herself.

“Family blessing” is paid, how to speak, no count

After Safun sacrificed news, the comrades were born, and they found a school colleague to take a photo. He lies in the chair in the morning. The chair is still there. He is not there.

When the wife of the nurse can’t believe in the death of Safun. She knows that when the criminal police did not have black, it is easy to damage the body, and the husband is still forced to check the husband in the past few days, and the indicators are normal. Why is it going to go?

“Although I can’t eat a group round rice for a month, my old history is very loved home. He often said that I will not help you at home, wait for retirement, buy off-road vehicles, stay with you around the country, he How can you talk not to speak ?! “said that his wife was tears like a rain.

I know that my wife is sleeping, and Safun is going home at two or three o’clock in the morning. She is quietly sleeping on the sofa. When her wife went to work, her husband didn’t wake up, and he couldn’t bear to disturb him. Although I live in a roof, it is rare to say a few words, and I have a dinner.

The 17-year-old son who was still on the high school could not believe that last summer, Dad promised him to carry a “family blessing” wearing a police uniform, and the mother put the photo expenses. Why didn’t you speak?


On April 5th, the Ching Ming Festival, the rain and rain, everyone tears, from the Tixian Expressway access to the county city, more than ten miles, the police brothers, military comrades, military comrades, home relatives, Help the masses and the father and old folks that heard the news.

“Shi Jun brother goes home!” On all the way to the body of Safen, he sounded a heartbreaking shout.

On the other side, in his office, the computer screen is still lit. The desktop is a photo of his own wearing a police uniform. The face, the facial expression is unclear, clear is the arm of the shoulder and the armband of the police.

Maybe every night of staying up late, he will look at this photo, the warner and armband, is his responsibility and commitment to the people.