Shampoo measures: AUSSIE Australia Miracle Abundance Wash

Hello ~ Love the hair of the baby, from today’s period, will speed up the information evaluation of related care products, toiletries, etc. On the other hand, it is also self-growth, expansion, hopes to be a more professional “washer”, producing more rich content! Similarly, strong brothers also need everyone’s message, tell us what you want to know!

This issue should be evaluated by the shampoo is “Aussie Australia Miracle Shuttles”, this brand (Aussie Aust) is often misunderstood, because “Aussie” translated is “Australian”, and uses It is a sign of a small kangaroo.


But in fact, this is a British sell-selling lottery brand, just quoted in the brand story “brand founder discovered the magical hair protection raw material in Australia”, so there is this name, but this kind of routine story is listening Listen.


We only need to know that it is acquired by P & G Group as early as 2003. There is also a higher visibility in Europe and the United States, in short, is a reliable brand. However, these are not the focus, after all, the product is not easy to use!

“AUSSIE Australia Miracle Abundance Wash” ingredient

The main surfactant (cleaning ingredient) of this shampoo is: sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), lauryl polyether sulfate (SLES), is clean, and it has certain irritation for the scalp. Both are all about the anniological table, which will let the hair generate “negative electricity”, when the hair is full of “negative electricity”, it will fluffy (same-sex, isotropic).

Therefore, the general shampoo actually adds “cationic table” to make the hair become soft. However, this product is used to use “cocolacyl propyl betaine”, which belongs to two sexes, and the content is not high. It can only add a loss of softness to the hair, and talk to not.


In addition, other active additives are almost equal to 0, aloe extracts and dimensions, and the amount of dimensions are low to scary. The only “hop extract” is an antibacterial antioxidant, but it is a raw material group with a large pile of preservatives, it is estimated that its so-called antibacterial effect is only for shampoo, not you Scalp hair!


At this time, it can be seen that its brand story is, the so-called hair care ingredients found in Australia are not reflected in this bottle shampoo.


in conclusion

This is a main shampoo, the so-called miracle is abundant, and it is not much miracle. It is nothing more than using the cleanliness of the S class. !


Strong brother also felt dry, there was a sense of blushing after the trial, and this washing sensing should be the baby’s baby, but strong brother still does not recommend everyone! After all, don’t be over-clean, and the hair is washed with the hair, but you may cause more oil!

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