Foshan 3-year-old boy finger is broken, vigilant! These “weapons” have

Source: Foshan Public Security Bureau

“Children’s safety is not small”!

Recently, a thrilling competition with time was staged in the South China Sea of ​​Foshan.

At 18 o’clock on September 29, Foshan 110 received a warning of Mr. Zhou, said that his 3-year-old son was unexpected when playing at home.

The right hand is not famous by the door.


The wife, the net approach to the hospital with his wife, on the way to the hospital.

After receiving the report, Foshan 110 immediately directed the Foshan Public Security Bureau Nanhai Branch Traffic Police Brigade to assist. The alarm staff arrived at the scene in the first time and passed the rapid judgment of the road conditions.


Let Mr. Zhou have a son to change the police car, which is open from the front of the iron.

Quickly rush to the hospital.

Then, the team passed the road section in a construction, the traffic volume and the road were more congested, and the ironcupriors who were on the scene were also joined in the escort team.


Through the thread along all the way, call on the vehicle with a shoutager.

. For only 20 minutes, the police sent the boys to the Foshan City Chinese Medicine in the evening peak.

Just resettle boy, the police station of the alactic personnel received the iron rider, and the news of Zhou, who was found to find the broken finger, and immediately

Return to open another way


For children

In addition to the door

There are still many security hazards in the family.

Maybe there may be “distinguished” danger

Security risks

Inconspicuous small object

dangerous item


: Yellow beans, Meumi, toy small parts, even the button battery, the small objects visible in the home may be “provoked essence”.

How to find

: Parents should pay attention to observation, once found

Nasal pain, nasal congestion, pus, have odor

To seek medical attention in time.


If there is no full grasp, the parents should not be taken out. If it is slightly inadvertent, it is likely to cause secondary injuries to the child.

Household hook


: Home

It is best to put it in a height of the position of the hook.

Prevent the child from being injured when jumping; the sharp items in the family, such as the nails, table corners, cabinet corners, etc. when the decoration is used, it is best to use anti-collision strips, anti-collision angles and other wraps.

Short cabinet

China “General Technical Conditions for Children’s Furniture” clearly indicates that all high tablets and heights

More than 60 cm

Cabinet products should be provided with fixed products on buildings, and is shown in the instructions.

: Children like

Climbing cabinet furniture

It is fixed to avoid tragedy; in addition, there is a raw pot in the basket placed on the cabinet, and there is also a risk of snoring.

Curtain pull rope

The curtain rope is very tough, and a normal curtain rope can pull 1 pack of 50 pounds of rice. The position of the home curtain lanyard is generally relatively low,

Children are easy to pull up after lifting

It is best not to choose a drawn rope curtain.

Balcony, windows



Don’t let your child be alone or leave their sights

To install the protective net of the appropriate void; do not place items that can climb the child next to the window.

黍 remind you parents

Pay attention to children’s safety education

Continuously strengthen your child’s safety awareness

To avoid accidents

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