When the cold wave encounters a double twelve shipping area consumers favorite buy scarf cotton socks

Source / Visual China

New People’s Evening News (Reporter Jin Zhigang) is about to in the past, in the past year, the e-commerce shopping festival has emerged. The guide guide platform rebate network released the data name, during the “Treasure” double twelve period this year, the order volume increased by 187% year-on-year, and the double eleven did not exhaust consumer enthusiasm for consumers. Instead, some consumers have left some things that I want to buy in order to get better discounts.

In addition to routine goods “手”, double twelve periods, new retail and life service class consumption is protruding. Not only Taobao, Jingdong, and spell more e-commerce in the double 12, many new retail, life service platform gradually sings the protagonist, box horse, reputation, hungry, and Jingdong to home, US group and other platforms are double Twelve occupied a place. Whether it is mainstream e-commerce or a new retail, life service platform, and their various rebates, discount coupons and other preferential services can be satisfied.

The rebate network user survey results show that some consumers have experienced several big promotions, and they still choose to buy buy buy in double twelve buy, and some consumers are deliberately Leave some important items to double twelve goods, such as the new year, the Christmas gift for men and women and friends, etc.

当寒潮遇上双十二 包邮区消费者最爱买围巾棉袜

Data show that the recent large-scale cooling in the country also triggers consumers to hoard winter materials enthusiasm, all kinds of cold-resistant and frozen goods, cotton clothes, hot pot ingredients and heating equipment become hot products. Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are particularly highlighted in winter. The earlier snowfall than previous years, let the wool scarf, plus velvet cotton and thick cotton socks become the favorite clothes of the people of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai. More cold northern regions, because of the concentrated heating, consumers in Beijing Wing Ruyu buy more products with moisturizing skin care effect.

From the perspective of food consumption, the number of orders imported and coffee in Shanghai has increased by 220% year-on-year, and the snacks are more concentrated; consumers in Beijing and Zhengzhou are far-sized, all kinds of melon seeds and nuts hot sale The Guangzhou people who have been less affected by the cold wave continue to make healthy people, winter food supplements, fast food bird’s nests and ginseng segment orders.