Deduct your fashion attitude, early autumn trend, unique small tide card

Speaking of high street sports tide cards, we will often think of foreign brands such as Topshop, Zara, H & M, now the domestic tidal cards are also rapidly rise in the rain, combining high-tecent fashion and street sports, deduct their own fashion attitude, Become a unique small tide card in the trend.


Today, these tide names for everyone are based on sports, and combined with the street elements of the trend. You can match the onpseason, you can also swift sweat directly on the sports field. Let’s take a look.

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S home original design


S home is a original tidal name from Chengdu. Although it is a young brand, she will combine high street and street, so that it quickly has been sought after by young people, rich color is also a big brand. Highlight.

Retro velvet is a must-have element in autumn and winter, it is not only fine and smooth, but the hidden shin is very street, which is casual and no inactivation, fashionable.


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Brand CIAO is pretty, is known as CIAO! Dafanfan, its design is inspired by the world, such as the exterior of the fashion show, the stars of Europe and the United States, or the high-end gallery, the designer, unspetructed design , Gather a large batch of dead loyalty powder.

The colorful colors splicing is a big point in this season, and the color of the geometry is fashionable and the color collision makes the short skirt full of texture. It is definitely the tool for you from the street.


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Alexis Lavigne

Aikus is a star tide brand, which is created by the popular actress. Every piece of clothing has run through the basic concept of “Chic & Comfort”. It has a fashion trend while having sports elements. Fashion is perfect.

The high street slogan injected into hipster breath, and the back is also added to the badge pattern. It is more handsome. It can be superimposed to mix out the sports style of the high street, and the design of the hoodie is more and more ghost.

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Cocobella is a very fashionable forward-looking high-street brand, and there is no more exaggerated design or printed in the tidal card. It is to use ordinary styles to combine unique tailored highlights. Different gothic street winds. The favor of many street lovers.


Under the admiration of the simple wind, “Less Is More” has become the golden rule of the fashion circle, abandoning the cumbersome decoration, combining the simple and romantic and dress of the T-shirt, T-Shirt Skirt conquers a picky ICONS, more It is the designer to interpret the inspiration!