Like the “meat stick”, the big stick is the best sea fish that is best for blowing. Don’t miss it.

When the big rod fish arrived in autumn, it would be in the sea, and it will swim in the autumn before the autumn. It is often seen in the water to see the group of big bats in the water.

The seaside people are famous for the birds, and the woods can be used as a boat that can float on the water. In order to be awake in the sea, they will make sails with the red cloth. Bringing the two heads of the small wooden stick, with a fish line to grow a long row, then tied a small boat. According to the trend and wind, put this boat in the sea, so the boat floats on the water, the foraging rods will come to the fish and bait tied to the fish hook will come to bite, wait until the tide, pull the fish line back to most times. It will be full, and this method of fishing fough fish is called “magnificent”.

Many people will go to the seaside “big stick” every time before, many people will go to the sea. At this time, because of the coldness of the sea, the rods have become very delicious.

The big rod fish is more fishing, and it will sprinkle a salt to it. Drying the big rods on the pot, grab the fish tail shake, the fish will fall off, this fish is more beautiful than the fish of the sea and other fish! There is also a fresh rod fish dumplings, and now the squid and yellow flower fish dumplings are not worth mentioning in front of the big stick dumplings.


The big watches have become less and less, and the price is getting more and more expensive, and no one will use fresh rod fish to dry the fish! Now people buy big rods basically all blowup. Or stew stews, mainly in order to taste the taste in memory.

In the past few days, I found a long-lost godfish. The fresh rods of the fish were really rare in the market in the past few years, so I bought four ready to find the past.

Soft fritter



Fresh big fish


Onion ginger



Salt, cooking wine, pepper, egg one, flour and dry starch

【Production Method】:

1. Clean the big fish, then scrape the fish scales, cut from the watches of the big fish, take the fish inside the tire and fish, wash the fish into the water, especially the black film in the abdomen Be sure to wash clean.

Fresh big fish eyes bright

Black film in the abdomen should be shaved clean

2. Wash the big fish sprinkle salt, cooking wine and pepper, put onion ginger out of juice to make a massage, then put it in marinate for more than 20 minutes.


3. Flour and starch are placed in a bowl in a ratio of 1: 1, and the egg is added to the purge, and the paste is adjacent to pick up a straight stream.


4. In the pot, the oil temperature is 60% heat, and the rods are brought into pot into the pot, and the color of the big rods has become golden and then picked up. When the temperature is raised again, it will be bounced over again. Make it outside the road.

5. When you have a good bark fish, you can use your own taste to eat salt or ketchup.

Finished graph

Big sticks are like a “meat stick”, there is only one subject of the whole body, the fish does not have a spurs, the entrance is tight and fresh, which is the delicious taste of this season.

There are many ways to make a big stick, in the previous hotel, making it like to use the powder to drag the egg to the bread bran, then there is a season hot selling vegetable [slate “is useful.

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