CK perfume, super high, worthy of defeating

Every time I change season, for perfume enthusiasts, I always feel that there is a missing point, because the seasons mean that they can wear new incense.

The CK of neutral style perfume has always been a pet in the perfume. It has to be blown here, it is extremely simple and sexy, so a large wave of fans have been harvested, and the taste is gratifying, it is more memorable! Today, let’s talk about it, CK perfume ~



CK ONE perfume

Year: 1994

Intrinsic: 香

Prevai: Buddha, cardamom, fresh pineapple, papaya, lemon

Different: Jasmine, Lily, Rose, Nutmeg, Lily, Iris

After: Musk, Amber, Sandalwood, Cedar, Oak Moss

This is a male and female shared perfume. In the shortly, I created a sales record of $ 58 million and set off a hot air in the permation of the world.

CK One has attracted a lot of young people who don’t have toy with perfumes. This is a gentle, intra-perfume, which is not hidden by the autonomy, is very suitable for a fresh love in winter.


CK Beef

Year: 1996


Prevent: mint, lavender, Chinese citrus, fragrant lemon

Different: magnolia, peach flower

After: Musk, Cherien, Jinking

CK Be perfume has won the best male fragrance of the FIFI Awards perfume Oscar, can be said that this is a male or female, can be a female, sweetest, sweetened perfume.


Because of its very comfortable black matte, it creates a low-key high level. Its front and rear fragrance makes people feel warm and enthusiastic, ripe, and it is a lot of perfume enthusiasts.


CK ALL perfume

Year: 2017


Scene: citrus

Prevai: orange, fragrant lemon, grapefork

Different: Jasmine, Lily, Rhubarm, Francisco


After: Amber, Musk, Character

After the two classic perfumes CK One and CK Be launched in 1994 and 1996, Calvin Klein then introduced this neutral extracerald water in CK ALL and added three people, launched [Be One, Be All, Just Be The slogan of].

CK ALL perfume adopts a pure white design with its minimalized protein stone glass, and is printed with gray words, full of texture, no smell, and light look at the packaging is already.

Calvin Klein uses it unimalescent, stylish style, no exaggerated design, no extra decoration, with a faint, simple coordination, to the world to show unique charm and sexy, people can always attract themselves . And this winter, whether it is a smell of people or a fragrant, high-quality and super good CK perfume, it is worth our collection!

Intrinsic: 香