Selling a hundred yuan online, but selling thousands! Just because these mobile phone configuration is too high

In this age, no matter whether there is a rich man or no money, it is a smartphone. Today’s mobile phones are not only communication tools, but also makes great jobs in our daily work and life, so we all inseparable from it. People who don’t want to spend energy and money, the mobile phone can be used. In this way, today’s mobile phone market is prosperous today, entry-level phones can meet them.

Shenzhou W50T2 price 299


Shenzhou W50T2 has rounded body design, using high-gloss paint back shell to make mobile phones very high-grade, in line with the aesthetic needs of mainstream users. The most favorite is its arc border design and button arrangement, the volume buttons and lock screen keys on the right side, and the foothold has been comfortable. Shenzhou W50T2 is equipped with a 1.3GHz frequency MTK quad-core 6582 processor, 2GB RAM memory with 16GB ROM storage capacity, to eat all mainstream games and software, Ann rabbit test results have exceeded 17,000, speed load brought The user’s smooth manipulation experience, and it has a 5.0-inch OGS full combined high-definition IPS screen, and the price is extremely high.


Red pepper XM price 399


The advanced design concept of red pepper XM uses a full-fitted touch screen of 5 “720p, and the back cover uses emerging materials, although the rear shell cannot replace the color, but it is also sufficiently fashionable. Built-in 4 core MT6735P processor, and 1GBRAM + 8GB ROM combination, support 32G external memory, and then 8 megapixel camera. With Alibaba Cloud OS, this system uses a single layer interface without applying a drawer. It is very comfortable in terms of view, using flat but irregular icons, colorful, very compliant with the mainstream style of the mobile phone market UI.

Leon K3 price 499

Lenovo mobile musicon K3 adopts a more common two-stage design, the back shell, and the frame consisting of the entire package and the body; slightly highlighting the screen of the screen, making the screen not directly touching the ground when it is unable to fall directly to the ground directly, thereby reducing Basket chance. Take the 64-bit Dragon 410 quad-core processor of 1.2GHz, support 4G, dual card dual standby, built-in 16GB body storage, running a new Vibe UI, the back 2300 mAh battery, behind the back, there is an 8 megapixel Sony second-generation stacked cameras, while also have good performance in terms of sound quality.

Huawei c8815 ​​price 599


Huawei C8815 The front is a 5-inch big touch screen with a resolution of 960×520 pixels, and the display is clear. Inside the body is equipped with a four-core processor with a zero 1.2GHz, with a combination of 1GB RAM + 4GB ROM, the whole machine is running smoothly, and the maximum support for 32GB extension storage can have sufficient storage space. Place the needs, games and audio entertainment. It also has the first 300,000 pixels and rear 5 megapixel cameras to meet daily shooting needs. The machine supports China Telecom CDMA network system.

HTC 8S price 639

HTC 8S uses a colorful design, integrated fuselage, and the touch experience is good. The front of the fuselage is equipped with a 4-inch SUPER LCD screen with a resolution of 800×480 pixels. The display effect is good. In terms of hardware, the machine built into a 1GHz dual-core MSM8627 processor, the memory is 512MB RAM + 4GB ROM combination, and the overall appearance is sufficient. After the machine sets a 5 megapixel camera, you can support 720P video recording. In addition, HTC 8S is equipped with a beats sound effect, which can bring a very shocking music experience.


Conclusion: If it is not too pursuing the brand and high performance of mobile phones, the above machine is really the exclusive lazy challenge. They have the average level of the country, and the price bought online is very cost-effective. Finally, give a advice, some physical stores, especially the county town level, don’t buy it if you have to buy it. Text / ka