Introduction and application of barcode sticker labels

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Barcode sticker

: The product bar code is an important part of the ANCC system and is the foundation of the development of the ANCC system. It is mainly used to identify the barcode identity of retail goods, non-retail products and logistics units. Any reader who contacts the contact information in the comment area can give your company a free proofing opportunity.


Barcode disconnect label

Refers to the physical label, the physical tag is a brief sign for indicating the product name, weight, volume, and use of the item. Traditional print labels and modern bar code print labels. Barcode tab refers to a tag for printing a barcode.

[Name] bar code water number label, barcode label, barcode sticker

[Material] copper paper is sticker, mirror copper paper is not rubbing


Barcode label, as the name implies are labels that print or print the barcode. Most applications are required to require the number of each barcode. The copper version of the non-adhesive is common material for bar code label, and its thickness is generally around 80g. Widely used in supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tag, industrial production line, etc.

All barcode production, printing of professional barcode machine or printing machine, and strictly detecting the barcode, reading succession 100%.

Personality Custom: According to your requirements, we will print out your personalized barcode labels with existing blank stickers. You can add patterns, numbers or letters. At the same time, the water quality barcode can be achieved, or the data barcode production is continuously irregularized. As long as you provide your requirements, we can instantly produce different barcode labels.

Barcode application classification:

Packing: Tad Barcode sticker, postal package bar code label, letters packaging non-spin barcode, transport cargo barcode marking, envelope address sticker barcode label.

Electrical Appliances: Mobile Phone Barcode Identification Tags, various electrical barcode labels, laptop synthetic tabs labels, electromechanical product ribs stickers.

Product Category: Price Identification Barcode Label, Product Description Label, Shelf Barcode Sticker, Barcode Label, Drug Packaging Barcode Label.

Management class: Book bar code sticker, car inspection sticker barcode label, security bar code label, property marking bar code label.

Office: Document Branch Barcode Paper Label, Archives Save Barcode Sticker, Various Items and Stationery Barcode Identification Tags.

Production class: raw material marking bar code, processing products indicate non-adhesive expressions, finished goods self-ended bar code label, inventory management label.

Chemical Class: Paint Materials Non-Step Barcode, Gasoline Engine Oil Product Packaging Barcode Signment and Non-adhesive Sign of Various Special Solvent Products.

Others: Anti-counterfeiting bar code QR code sticker, encrypting barcode sticker, anti-counterfeiting non-adhesive label.

Jewelry: Jewelry Tag price barcode label, not easy to paste the tag sticker.

Clothing: Clothing tag barcode identifies expressions, water washing stickers barcode labels.

Airport class: boarding license plate special bar code label, luggage identifier bar code label.

Ticket class: train ticket, long-distance bus ticket scan code label.

Other: Parking ticket recognition label, highway toll ticket.

Label Posted Notes:

1, soft PVC and PET labels, often have plasticizers to exudate, also known as gliol, choose PET and PVC tags to pay special attention to special attention

2, cylindrical bottle, and diameter less than 30mm, should be carefully selected

3. When the label is too small or too large, it should pay attention to the actual test.

4, the environment and temperature of the label will affect the properties of the adhesive, such as polyhydride or multi-oil environments

5, the paste is an irregular surface, even the spherical surface, should be cautious

6, the automatic labeling machine label should be labeled test

7, even if it is labeled at normal temperature, doctuality experience in export transportation

8, the surface of the corrugated box is rough, and the oil oil is applied, which will affect the label.

Barcode disconnect label advantages


1. The flexibility of the typography.

2, you can print the page.

3, unique data “save” function

4, unique printer “Paper Tilt Correction” function.

5. Original “check code” function.

6, rich data source type.

7, rich data processing method.

8, support up to 10 regular databases.

9, dedicated “China National Electronic Supervision Code” graphic object.


10. System supports printing of PDF417, QRCODE, MSQR, DataMatrix, Aztec and other two-dimensional barcode

11. Perfect support for print document PDF format export (require Adobe Acrobat Pro software support).

12, convenient, flexible, professional label design.

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Barcode sticker