Liu Weiwei has uncle’s appearance, cotton clothing is very warm, can’t see the star shelf.

# What to wear today?

# 明 教 How to wear #

# 流 风 穿 #

# Winter life card season #

Many men will be very troublesome when picking clothes in autumn and winter, and young men may feel that men’s clothing has some more than ladies.


Middle-aged men, more people are not very in the meaning of daily clothing, usually what clothes are wearing clothes, this also leads to many men not too.

Choose and match coat


In fact, men’s jacket models and ladies have a lot of overlapping, although gender, but the types of clothing and some to show

Character personality

All are almost, as long as you choose to fit yourself

Age and style

If you show the style of a man or tide man.

Liu Weiwei is actually a matter of daily wear and can give ordinary people.

Male star known in the meaning

His dressing, whether it is a young boy or middle-aged uncle, you can try, Xiaobian organizes some of the different styles of jackets and related

Good look

Match, I hope some can provide some



01 外套 的 推 –

Short bread service

Liu Weiwei has uncle’s appearance, cotton clothing is very warm, can’t see the star shelf, the choice of cotton clothes is that everyone must face in winter, but picking cotton clothes compared to picking out other coats.

More difficult

Because the style of many cotton clothes is actually

Relatively bloated

It is difficult to wear most people hoped by wearing it.

Thin effect,

This is also a reason for many people who feel that they are suitable for their cotton clothing.

The style of cotton clothes is actually


Although many cotton clothes don’t seem much difference, some small designs are particularly obvious in winter, especially in style.

Design and material

kind of.

In general, the material of the down is actually a more fluffy than cotton, but the cotton will be more

Thick and warm

Some, so if you want to have more everyday

Light feeling

If you can try light

Down cotton clothes,

This fluffy texture is also very suitable for simplicity

Bread service design

But when choosing a specific style, it is best to pay attention to the men’s choice.

Select short

Because of the whole bakery


Very fluffy,

Short paragraph looks more handsome, long, will appear


Men’s bread clothes are best in terms of detail


If you really want to make cotton clothes more


Some, you can try from the surface fabric of cotton clothes.

Choose some fabrics with vaguely dark grains or striped, which will make clothing appear

More level

Some. I have to say that the middle-aged man can wear not greasy? Liu Weiwei dress is quite like,

It looks quite big.

Casual baseball

The style of the baseball suit is actually comparable


It is also a very similar style that many young people or men, which are also known before this style.

Flying service

, Due to styles

Simple and handsome

Also accepted by a lot of favorite men and women.

The neckline of the baseball suit and the design of the cuffs and the design are very

Flexible and close

What is a kind

Tight state

On the one hand, this design is

For the windproof.

On the other hand, this splicing style and slimming design can also make clothing

More type

Can also show

Body proportion

. The shoulder part of the baseball suit is actually

Very smooth

This style will make the proportion of the upper body


More strong

Some, so it’s not too suitable for your arm.



02 Color recommendation of the jacket –


Black coat is in men


Common color

Black is a very

Handsome color

So very suitable for most men’s personality and the purpose of dressing.

This color coat is also very good, for each age stage

Very friendly

Middle-aged Uncle chooses the black coat is the color that is the most wrong, the young boys choose a black coat, it is also the easiest

Posted cool color

, The little boy chooses a black coat is the most

Dirty colors.

And black in autumn and winter is more

Even some comparisons


Material, black, black, also look more


It will also be more fluctuated in vision.


Khaki is also in clothing

Basic color system

However, Khaki will be more fashionable, khaki

Different styles

Can be displayed

Different styles of personality


In daily life, you can choose some comparison of windbres.

Be handsome and handsome


The style, the chic windbreaker matches the card, will increase some of the temperament


Will also bring a trace

Literary atmosphere

However, this color is more suitable for men with skin color, otherwise


More black,

Because the khaki is biased towards the color of the earthengar. So it will not be like some basic



The effect is known.

03 jacket with the recommendation –

Short cotton clothes + hooded sweater

Bread cotton clothes are a very

Keep warm style

This kind of clothing looks in the shape

More fluffy,

So when wearing, it can actually match one

Simple sweater


Sweater itself

Very warm

, And shape


Sweater’s street sports style and overall style of the bakery

Very much in line.

This kind of matching will not be very visually very



More refreshing

Even the sweater of the hat will also be more



With one kind

American retro feel.

Cowboy jacket + bouquet pants

In the men’s jacket in many styles, there is also a popularity in autumn, that is

denim jacket

. The denim coat is not only popular in men, but also very much in ladies.


When choosing a style, if you want to show your body and handsome temperament, you can try short minimalist.

When this jacket is in a match, it is more suitable for some tooling.


The trousers legs are actually

Relatively loose


So it will also

The trousers of the bunch will also show a slim ankle, and will also showcase the proportion of the body.

Very advantageous.




Thin effect,

Very friendly

denim jacket