Graphene warm palace high waist -high belly pants, thin waist in one second

It ’s too unfriendly to have a small belly and thick waist with a small belly and thick waist. The body was not very good, and because the sky was getting hotter and less, it was even more fat.

How sexy is a woman with a waist? The waistline can greatly enhance a woman’s temperament,


People with waistlines are not only tall but thin.


In terms of visual effects,


The same person has a contrast between the waist and no waistline, at least about 10 pounds.

Especially the white -collar workers who stay in the office every day,


As soon as I sat all day, there was no time to exercise at all, and my waist was naturally fat.


There are also treasure moms who have given birth to children,


The buttocks were large, fat and collapsed, and the waist seemed to have three “swimming circles”.


It doesn’t matter, this time I am a good thing for everyone:

Graphene warm palace high waist high waist pants!

This graphene warm palace high -waist high -waisted pants cotton fabric, honeycomb fiber fabric achieves the effect of imitation bee nest woven.

The most special thing is that the hive design using this underwear can lock the heat to form a triangular heating area.


The simple constant temperature principle gives the abdomen warm and warm to achieve the effect of warm palace.

It is particularly suitable for girls with strong fake pain. It seems that wearing it is like making hot compresses for the stomach, promoting blood circulation in the abdominal, and can also maintain ovarian nests.

The bottom gear is also made of graphene material, which can be wet and dry!


High waist and abdomen lift your hips for one second

For daily women, the daily heavy work pressure has no time to breathe without time and energy to manage the figure.

Life is stressful, can’t control his mouth, can’t open your legs, can you be saved?

In fact, in order to show a more perfect side, many stars will also wear pants and products with abdominal waists, products,


You can quickly relieve the embarrassment of the small belly without diet.

This graphene warm palace high waist pants hip use

The hot pressure process forms a 3D butterfly peach hip position, put on it, and lifts the hips in one second.

Gently mention, the hip curve immediately appears, and it is in

There are two shaping modules on the left and right sides of the underwear waist, which can play a role in abdomen.



Graphene Bacterial bottom crotch


This warm palace underwear uses

A piece of cutting process, no crotch, no rolling, no extra sewing and wire head.

Moreover, ClearMAX composite bacteriostatic fiber is used, which is what we often say “





Being able to conduct a single wetting and keep the private garden dry and clean,

It does not stimulate the skin while inhibitory.

Elastic contraction for one second to close the abdomen

This graphene warm palace high -waist high -waisted pants experience


Micro -pressure treatment, density is larger and more elastic


Relying on this technology,

Form the traction of the upward lifting and gather inward, transfer the fat on your waist, the fat and the waist tighten the waist.

This design can avoid the dirt of the opposite, which can be realized

No restraint, no oppression, and wearing it, it seems comfortable and suffocating, healthy and comfortable!


Memory elastic waist, enough elasticity, is to ensure comfort,

Under the premise of not compressing the internal organs, the effect of light rejection, and the belly immediately turned into a small waist.

The stubborn small fat can be hidden well,


The wonderful S -shaped figure immediately reflects you.

Not only that, I also did a survey test before, passed


Hundreds of women of different body types and weights try on

This version was determined through the comparative test!

Left middle

Lifting abdomen, hip,

Put on your right hip line immediately,

Rest assured and boldly walking on the road, super high back rate,


Honeycomb massage particles warm abdomen warm palace

Different from ordinary underwear, there is a medium and high waist design,

When the trousers are above the navel, you can just protect the female’s delicate belly.

Because it uses the honeycomb design that can lock the heat to form a triangular heating area, the simple constant temperature principle gives the abdomen warmth and warmth to achieve the effect of the warm palace.


It is worth mentioning that the honeycomb massage particles in the triangle area are okay

Massage our belly all the time.

Especially during menstruation, putting it on it is like a double -warm big hand that massage your belly at all times,


It can prevent the cold from entering the uterus, and the discomfort of the body also dissipates a lot.

This treasure warm palace’s abdomen underwear is just right to wear in winter.

It’s a hundred times more intimate than those straight men who only make you drink more hot water!


And I have no sense of suffocation after wearing it for a long time.

Easy and comfortable, there is no burden at all.

no matter how


Daily commuting, exercise fitness or shopping, there is no pressure to communicate,

Shaping also makes the body more upright, confident, and make you the focus of the crowd!

This underwear is average. Because of the high bomb fabric, the weight is highly tolerant.

80-140 catties of sisters can be worn.


There are six colors in total, not heavy every day!

One pair of underwear = warm palace+abdomen+graphene inhibitory

, I bought it, and it ’s not just that the quality is superb, but the price is also particularly touching!


There is no half a cup of milk tea!


Don’t be too cost -effective! The private garden of the little princess also takes care of it!



Limited Time Offer

Six outfit: 69 yuan

Twelve packs: 118 yuan

It is not necessary to discount a pair of underwear and half a cup of milk tea. You can stock up a little more! Two boxes are reduced by 20 yuan! The cost performance is super high!


The underwear will be changed every three months, and the consumption is quite fast.

Even if you start 12, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Whether it is color or workmanship, it is particularly great, and the price is very high!


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