You can wear thin stockings to go shopping! The king of stock that must be grabbed in autumn and winter this year, Houmu hot pantyhose is here!

Recently, when I went out to go shopping in the cool wind, I found that the autumn was true, and it was time to change my pants.


It’s cold, keep warm.

ATSUGI thick wood inhibitory, shape, light fever, pantyhose


you deserve to have.

This light hair hot pantyhose

The elasticity is very good, it is soft and comfortable to wear, does not hook, does not drop the gear. And anti -static, not absorb dust,

and also

Devuling bacteriostatic function.


The most important thing is that it adopted

Optical heating technology

, Absorb solar energy, and transmit it to the skin with human body heat.


According to thickness and warmth, there are several specifications of 80D, 110D and 140D.

This time I brought you 80D specifications. It is just suitable for wearing 10 ~ 20 ° C. Cold can choose 110D, and now it can be prepared.

Where is this stockings? Students look down carefully:

Japan sales No.1, imported from the original import

Japan Hohmu Co., Ltd. was founded in 1947. Yes

Japan’s most famous and largest pantyhose brand

The most cutting -edge technology, high -end raw materials,


The durability of stockings is 8 times that of ordinary stockings

Milan Fashion Show

Also use their pantyhose catwalks.

Light fever technology, farewell to bloated

This stockings uses light heating technology, but

Stockings itself will not heat up

It is just that the warming technology is well done, which can effectively store the human body’s own heat.

Principles of warmth: Fabric add

Far infrared fiber, light and heat fiber,


Absorbing solar energy and the calories generated by human movement is passed to the skin.

At the same thickness

This stockings are warmer than ordinary bottom socks. You don’t need to wear a pair of autumn pants, wrapped like a bear.

Good elasticity, do not drop the gear, do not deform


This stockings are selected to own

High composite fiber with soft skin touch

, The weaving method is also very special, plus the use


The textile is uniform, the touch is soft, and the elasticity is very good.


The leg shape is natural and very soft, just like it grows on the leg, naturally comfortable.

Speaking of stockings, it should be the most embarrassing situation. It is the kind of embarrassment that wants to raise pants and can’t reach out. This is simply a nightmare for every classmate in stockings.

And there is one thigh of this sock


Segment design

Just like on a conjoined socks, there is another fixed and loose,

Defense gear is more close

Basically, as long as the size is selected, it is not easy to drop the file.



Big wide design on the waist

, Reduce the sense of compression of the waist and abdomen, not skin. There are flesh on your belly, and you are not afraid of it.

Resisting the ball, not hooking silk, deodorant and antibacterial, anti -static


The most afraid of wearing stockings is that the socks are accidentally fired.

Mid -wood’s socks woven craftsmanship is better, and it is better to do it in anti

Even if you accidentally break a small hole, you don’t have to make it. And very durable,

The velvet fabric itself will not afford the ball

You can wear it with confidence.

This stockings are connected, but it has increased

Antibacterial design


, Add a harmless processing agent on the fiber surface, so as to


Reduce bacteria growth dependent in fiber and inhibit bacteria.

In autumn and winter, static electricity is also a factors to consider. Especially in the north, it is very dry in the autumn and winter. If there is static electricity, the legs will be itchy from time to time, and it will still absorb vanity. When you go out, you can shake two or two gray.


This stockings have also taken consideration in anti -static, and they belong to the best students in socks.

It will not itch when wearing it, and it will not stick to the skirt and stick to dust

About size

Each stockings have 3 sizes for everyone to choose from, and the details page has detailed instructions.

It is recommended that students with a height of 150-165cm, and students who are 85-98cm hips choose the M-L number;

The height is between 155-170cm, and the hip is 90-103cm.

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