Mobile phone access card? It turned out to be your own reason

Many people often reflect a question, “Why is there no card in the same place, other people’s mobile networks, just my mobile phone card?”

When a few good brothers opened the dark together, a group of people were waiting for you to buffer to buffer. Do you feel a hint of embarrassment?

When talking about gossip on Weibo, everyone is already spraying scum men. You are still watching the circle on the page on the page.

The favorite variety movie saw the sudden stuttering moment at a critical moment, and the feeling seemed to be forced to stop half of it.


However, what is the reason why the mobile phone access card has been said so much? Is there a pot for so many reasons?

The picture comes from the Internet, invading and deleting


1. Card board problem

The reason for the Internet access on the mobile phone is part of the reason from the card board itself. The damage to the shear card may cause poor card slot contact, and there is no network and weak signal. In this case, it is recommended to go to the regular business hall to change the standard card, and in general, the card change is free.

Regarding some traffic card merchants promoted the problem of non -stuck internet online, this is the conclusion that they got after their preliminary tests. However, this does not guarantee that all the card boards they sell are high -quality card boards, that is, if they have problems with their card boards, even if they are promoted well, they will still be out of charge when you use it.

In this case, Xiaobian suggested that everyone go to the seller to feedback the situation. If the conscience seller will verify the situation of your card board through the technology department, if it is a card board problem, they will take the initiative to replenish you with a new card and track the service until you can Normally, the reason why Xiaobian dares to say is because Xiaobian has always done this.

However, when encountering unreliable merchants, most of them have no problems with the card board. It is why your mobile phone itself is required to change the device. When you ask again, there is no response there.

2. Mobile phone memory problem

Too much mobile phone memory leads to heavy memory operation and also affect the Internet speed. Imagine, you let it be a elephant with a little ant, and ask it to sprint a hundred meters. It either stand up and scold you and then strike or strike directly.

Therefore, in addition to the reasons for the card board, there is also the problem of your mobile phone itself. Insufficient memory, too many junk files, overload of operations, etc. are all reasons that affect the speed of Internet access.

3. Operator’s base station problem

The signal of the mobile phone comes from the base station. The better the mobile phone signal, the closer to the operator’s base station. This is also a kind of force majeure, because the agent cannot help you solve the problem of the operator’s base station.

So the best way is to test whether your area where your area is better or other signals before you buy it, because there are some customers in the editor. Their school has only mobile signals and no other signals. Xiaobian has encountered users who use Unicom’s online access to the Internet, and also encountered users who use Unicom Kakuton to send them free other cards.

There is no way to solve the problem of the operator’s station. This is neither the seller shook the pot nor your own problem. but! Be wary, if the seller does not check your card board, it is said that it is the problem of the operator’s base station, and there is no solution. Maybe you spend money.

4. Other reasons

Mobile phones access the Internet through electromagnetic wave signals, but sometimes some unknown factors may interfere with signals. For example, factories with antenna around, it will also affect your Internet speed.

In summary, there are many reasons for mobile Internet cards, including merchants selling traffic cards without fully guarantee what you are like during use, but these are relatively few cases.

More often, whether it is a traffic card or a telephone card, the network speed stuck is basically the above reasons. Let’s take a look at whether you have a recruitment.

The picture comes from the Internet, invading and deleting


The picture comes from the Internet, invading and deleting