30 years of meats, half a lot year, the younger brother took a shower from Dongkeng, just hit by my mother

Original title: Mai Shun

Author: Ye Li Fenfang

Mai. Place the game. Close up. It is a meat.

Countryside, tree onion.蝉 绿 绿 绿 绿 万 草 草 草 草 草 草 草 涌 涌 涌 潮 涌 涌 潮 汹 汹 汹 汹 汹 潮 潮 汹 潮 潮 潮 潮 汹 潮 潮 潮 潮 汹 潮 汹 潮 汹 潮 潮 乐 潮 潮 乐 乐 乐 乐 乐The wheat is the world. In the woods, the golden 衣 衣 is unclear, like the stars in the sky, blink to your child: take away. Give your gift, you can make a glance.

In the early morning, the mother is very early, steamed a pot of new wheat, white fat. Pack of a bobbin leek chicken egg bag, drizzling. Fried a bamboo basket of oil, yellow Cancan, fragrant spray.

Cool white and buns are all in the long basket. The long basket is used in white wax. A new. The oil is covered with green lotus leaves and placed on top. A clean towel is covered with a full-length basket. A family walks the relatives of relatives.

It is a happy thing to walk with your mother.

Courier, cousin, cousin, cousin gathered together to be hot, fight mouth, molar. Unrestrained. Its music is endless.


When the big sister, Jingzhi saw my mother, curiously asked: “Hey, big summer day, do you wear a thick cotton gown?” “Sweat!” The mother smiled and said. In fact, I know that she has no cool cloth.

Mother is not crying in front of him. She is not working well. I often jokes her. The shoes made are like a dead flat mouth.

Jingzhi sister is good. Mai, she did night to do shoes. In addition to doing the shoes of their own, they also be a family of women, and our shoes. There are single shoes with bunch portions, and cotton shoes with smashing eyes are made with black flannel. One mood, a mutter hanging on the back wall.

My grandfather, my grandmother is going to die. Two, the aunt is very good to us.


Mother and two nephew met, I always got to be invincible. Kiss hot, and and angry sitting in a piece of Raist.

舅 舅 舅 大 大 大 西 西 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上Which one we want to eat.

At noon, the aunt used the potting and a large piece of surface, with a wet cloth cover, wake up half a hour. Use a big rolling pin to open it on the board, knead into a round cake, roll up the round pie, scattered in a circle, scattered a thin flour. It is a matter of transparent as a book. A layer is folded, cut fine, long.

Jing Yunmei burned the pot, huang ——————————————————————————————————————————– Water boil. Jingzhi sister put the chopped green onion, the leeks, eggs, and the oil in a cucumber, pouring the boiling water, which is called a soup. The soup brewed is on the side.

Jing Yunmei also boiled a large pot of water. Jingzhi sister entered the aunt’s good and thin noodles. Use chopsticks to copy a copy, prevent the noodles from sticking together, into a bowel. There is a white smoke around the pot. The cousin opened the pot. The white flowers of the white flowers are rolling, like a rising tide, copy with chopsticks, and the foam is gradually, like a retreat. Put the noodles with the hedge, get it in the pot, and use the well Wang Liangshui three times.

A bowl of a bowl of flowers, pouring the soup, putting fresh cucumber, speror, hem, garlic, and then pour a small spoonful of self-cultivation. Come to a bowl of color in a big summer. to have a good meal. Drink the hearty cold noodles. Everyone adds half a bowl of white soup that is not hot. Not sick. Put the hot strip from the pot, the rest of the soup, white, sweet, white soup, very stomach. Whether you go to relatives, you can just drink cold noodles.

However, there is a year of wheat, and the blessing brother back the basket, come to my home to relatives, I have not eaten rice. After the mother is tight, I can’t find my younger brother.

Half of the afternoon, the younger brother took a shower from Dongkeng, and it was water. Just hit my mother. The younger brother is afraid to be beaten, turn his head, scare.

Where did you go?

A family finds all the ponds in the village, Dadi, did not see the brother’s trace. I am looking into all my relatives in my family and I don’t find my brother.

Be dark. My mother is crying in the gate. Cry red eyes. I also follow tears. When my mother kissed your brother, I was so angry and laughed. Today, I miss you very much, the more I want to be sad. Standing around the mother, wiking tears. A group of people surrounded by the mother, whoever persuaded her heart. Mother’s crying hearts.

My grandfather sighs into his vegetable garden.

The vegetable garden is in the hospital, with a fence. In the vegetable garden, a cucumber, beans, eggplant, leeks, onions, and yellow hangs. The round, dripped hanging pumpkin is like a lantern.

Mill is in the northeast corner of the vegetable garden, is hidden in the shade. Under the grinding disc, my grandfather discovered my brother. He is sleeping. Call him, touch your body. The mother wiped her tears and took him to the second uncle hospital.

I want to think about my childhood. Father is working all year round. Mother with us, how hard.

Which child is growing smooth?


Hey —- Liu Zuomi sang a duckling drum, there is already ringing in the Cross Street. Erhu sound melodious. Yunjie moved the bench waiting for me to listen to “Guo Ziyi”.

On the road, I looked at the dark clouds of the sky, I thought: The soldiers who led the Cocandi?

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Ye Xiaoping, the original name: Ye Junping, pen name: Ye Li Fang, Henan Ningling County, Henan Huacheng Gechuan Co., Ltd., Shangqiu City Wiping Poetry Association, Shangqiu Writers Association Member, Works Posted in “Liang Yuan” “Shangdu Poetry”, “Nanhu Poetry”, “Ge Tianchuan”, “West Building Wenyuan”, “Jinling Literature”, “Little Orange Light” “Mulan Literature” “Jingjiu” Literature, “Northern Writing”, “City Headline”, etc.