What exactly is this southern iron pot that was bought by the Chinese? Intersection

It is said that there is a mysterious foreigner organization in Japan

They dragged 102 -lit luggage to the major shopping mall drug stores

这把被国人爆买的南部铁壶 究竟什么来路?!

When you come, the shop clerk welcomes the shelves and the shelves will not stay empty after leaving

High -energy non -combatant in front of the high -energy evacuation

The Tianchao swept the cargo group! Intersection Intersection

This issue


Iron kettle! Intersection Intersection

这把被国人爆买的南部铁壶 究竟什么来路?!

It is a must -have for the major sweeping regiments. Even if it is cast by a large piece of raw iron eggs, the sweeping is not wrong.


Looking at the sink …

What are the moths in this iron pot, so that the people of the father are so fond of? Intersection

Today, Yishiyanjun will start with the iron pot of this island country, and get the eighteenth generation of his ancestors → _ →,

这把被国人爆买的南部铁壶 究竟什么来路?!

This product is called “southern bottle” in Japan, which is the iron pot, which belongs to the southern tadpole.

[Popularization: The southern ironware is not from the southern part of the geographical location, but the surname of Nobunaga in the southern Lord of the Great Lord of Japan.

In fact, before the sweeping group burst, the southern ironware was already well -known in Japan.

这把被国人爆买的南部铁壶 究竟什么来路?!

The delicate pattern and heavy coloring are the characteristics of the southern iron. Among them, the most important place for Sakao and Shuizawa are the traditional crafts that Iwate County is proud of.

The southern ironware is famous for its fame

Good foundation + meet the right person + Internet celebrity celebrities

这把被国人爆买的南部铁壶 究竟什么来路?!

This set of (Yong) merit (SU)

Famous part 1

Sakagang is rich in high -quality sand iron, as well as raw materials such as Sichuan sand, clay, carbon, etc., which have unique conditions for casting properties. The southern letter was invited to the castles, Yosana, Fujita and others. Since then, Sakao has started the manufacturing of iron wares.


Famous part 2

The vassal owners have always been very concerned about the casting industry. The 8th -generation lord Lord Lixiong likes the tea ceremony, not only the people around him, but even the samurai and merchants in the city are affected by it. The soup cubs produced by the Royal Cutch are used as gifts by the shogunate and the lords, making the southern ironware famous.

Gift only to collect big iron pots

Famous part 3

In the 41st year of Meiji, when Emperor Dazheng was the Crown Prince, he visited the local specialty of local counties when he was the emperor. The iron bottles and soup cubs produced by the southern part of the Awater County Master Royal Capital (the eighth -generation Renzuo Men) were also listed in the itinerary. In this way, the major newspapers headed by Tokyo published this incident, which has caused the popularity of southern iron bottle and soup to rise and its popularity has risen.

这把被国人爆买的南部铁壶 究竟什么来路?!

Except for a long history, based on the characteristics of its raw iron products,

Long -term use of southern iron kitchen utensils to boil water, cooking can achieve the purpose of supplementing human iron elements

And it is a second -price iron that is easy to absorb.

At the same time

The minerals in the precipitated water, brewing tea or coffee will be more sweet


Made in JAPAN, this quality label and high -level industrial design

这把被国人爆买的南部铁壶 究竟什么来路?!

It is reasonable that the southern ironware represented by the southern iron bottle is also reasonable to be sought after by Chinese tourists.

The southern iron family is huge. In addition to iron bottles (iron pots), there are actually urgent (teapot), fire bowls (stoves), bottle cushions, tea tutors, iron pots, wind chimes, town paper, and vases.

Southern Windbell?

这把被国人爆买的南部铁壶 究竟什么来路?!

Xiao Wang Ba Turtle Town Paper!


这把被国人爆买的南部铁壶 究竟什么来路?!

Black ~ calendar ~ History ~

Popular iron pot has FLOP too

这把被国人爆买的南部铁壶 究竟什么来路?!

After the war, the people’s demand for iron wares was greatly reduced. Although the southern ironware is the fate of FLOP in the kitchen utensil industry.

In order to save the traditional Japanese crafts, the government has formulated the “Revitalization of Traditional Craft Industry”. With the support of the government, the southern iron in the south was seen again.