Little Swan Washing Machine New Products, more fragrant than 1436

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This issue introduces a new new product [Little Swan Book Color Series -Blue Oxygen Washing Machine]


Let ’s take a look together. First of all, we have to figure out the core main selling point of this new product

[Chinese Praise] Blue Oxygen Technology


What happens to the significance of nature and humans in nature and humans in nature and human beings every year, what will happen to nature and humans? The answer is that every day is clean. He also created the term “atmospheric cleaner” to describe the important cleaning role of · OH in the stream layer.

This technology is used to help stain problems from the source on the source.


[Chinese Praise] Technical Principles

Bacteria · Virus · Mites → · OH attacks harmful microorganisms such as bacteria → decompose to carbon dioxide and water

[Chinese Praise] Core function

Blue oxygen stains The inner tube design of the inner cylinder of electrolytic and ingeniously through hydroxy radicals (· OH) and 3+2 water cube water flowing effectively solve the problem of laundry problems such as non -clean stains, yellowing of white clothes, skewers dyeing fading, and restore the natural nature of clothing!


[Chinese Praise] Bacterium Health

Silver ions+blue oxygen molecular · OH dual -effect sterilization, blue oxygen hydrogen in the cylinder forming bacteriostatic protective film, 48 -hour bacteriostatic rate of 99.99%

[Chinese Praise] Appearance+inner tube+system


Visualized high -transparent window -wear -resistant and easy to scratch and transparent, technical eye visible to the naked eye

New upgrade of the inner tube -whale wings increase tendons, whale wing bionic+water spray design to improve the force, restore hands and clean

Sapphire inner cylinder -avoiding edges and corners, reducing sharp corners to protect the precious material, protect the color and protect the color

[Chinese Praise] Drainage system

Active drainage avoids moldy door circles, and the drainage holes of the door circle actively discharge residual water to refuse second pollution!

[Chinese Praise] Slender and Freedom Embeds

Body width 595mm


Body height 850mm

The fuselage depth has been reduced from 560mm to 490mm, and the box part is only 440mm


Fold box, release more space, exquisite and flexible placement

Take the object to increase to 535mm, you can easily get clothes ~

[Chinese Praise] Body color


Jin Yulan, combined with the color of the sea

[Chinese Praise] The appearance of the machine

Over -the -door closed doors to reduce gaps and reduce hidden stains


Round R angle reduces sharpness, more safe

[Chinese Praise] Operation Panel

OTA intelligent system, the function is updated at any time, upgraded to the think tank, and breaks the limitations of the traditional protection mode

Intelligent sense switch, knock on the screen arbitrary, the key to light up, it is more convenient to start

The combination of Smart wisdom knob+color screen, the process is clear at a glance


[Chinese Praise] Drying function

Low gentle, fluffy, soft and soft fiber, the temperature is controlled at an average of 42 ℃

It can be baked at high temperature, and it is not excessive to bake at high temperature. The temperature is controlled at 70-80 ℃


[Chinese Like] Protection of the Environment

Hydroxyl radicals -pure natural, safe, environmental protection sewage ions. Human domestic sewage has caused an important source of pollution of the ocean, and the “nutrition” of sea water rich causes red tide!

[Small applause] Reduce the production of nitrogen -containing and phosphorus from the source to protect the marine ecological environment!


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