Have you ever used those so -called “milk artifacts”?

Every time a topic related to “milk” is pushed, the background message is particularly enthusiastic. On the way to chasing milk … The story of the cows really can’t tell.

A few days ago, we “caught” a second baby mother in the background. In her journey of chasing milk, did she also have your shadow-


Those “milk artifacts”

I tried it all over again

During the birth of Dabao, after the process of chasing milk after the college entrance examination, this cow was identified as “milk tits” by her mother -in -law and Yueyue -that is, they were full of milk. Protecting protests.


So as soon as Erbao came, I was determined to sprinkle the girl to eat and be a pang cow.

The mother -in -law of the south has engaged in “special -featured larvae” such as pork belly stewed chicken, dried salted fish steamed pork, and rock sugar stewed pork heart. “Must.” Everyone really broke the heart for Erbao’s granary.

However, the second child is still milk. When the confinement is halfway, the baby will still add 30 ~ 50ml formula milk to stop crying after each feeding.

When I was blamed in my heart, I couldn’t give Erbao’s best raising, and my family also sacrificed the chase of milk -wine & decoction. Even the husband who has always adhered to scientific parenting was anxious, “For the sake of children, let’s try it?” He asked carefully.

So, I lived the day of “wine brewed eggs in the morning, wine brewed at noon, wine brewed brown sugar in the evening”.

In order to pursue the speed, we also sneaked a lot of prescriptions under the traditional Chinese medicine, Tongcao, Wang Bu Xing, and Passing … almost all tasted it.

My husband also put the medicine bag in my rice soup, the feeling of fishing pork ribs in Chinese medicine, it was simply.

But the milk array is like his ex -adult, and I have seen TA, but it seems that it will never come again.

From chasing milk to blocking milk

The distance of a bowl of soup


While eating alcohol and Chinese herbal medicine, it is also necessary to do it as a deadly Baidu “the harm of alcohol during lactation” and “toxicity of Chinese herbal medicine”. I feel that I am either without milk, or they will be poisoned …

In addition to drinking wine and soup, we also went to infant shops and pharmacies to buy various “milk tools”,


What kind of Elatin powder, papaya milk powder, Peiyi powder … the effect is indeed a little bit. But afterwards, almost all of their requirements are 2 to 3 times a day, 300 ~ 500ml each time, and they do not know whether they work are their ingredients, or water that is poured down every day.

The pork trotters, black chickens, cylindricals, duck soups carefully made by mother -in -law … also took turns. In order to keep more “nutrition”, the distressed my mother -in -law even trembled the “distilled water” on the pot cover into the soup.

On the day of crazy chasing milk, those legendary milk soups were almost ate one by one.

In order to save more milk, I also deliberately extended the interval of feeding.

Finally, I blocked my milk.

First, the hands and feet were cold, and then the body temperature soared from 36.2 ° C to 39.7 ° C within 10 minutes.

I called the lactator, and every time her hand touched the breast, I shouted a pig. The dredging milk sprayed onto the face, and the last dignity of the cow was scattered.


Later, I went to the hospital to hang a breast emergency diagnosis. Because of the milk and change of the milk chasing milk, I was properly trained by the doctor.


Let go of obsession and accept mixed feeding

Those soups and supplements are really great. After 10 days of advice, I committed acute mastitis in the middle of the night. I found the lactator 3 times within 36 hours, and my breasts had no thoughts.

After these two degrees of pain comparable to the baby’s milk, Ben Cow finally let go of his butcher knife.

I started to reflect. When Dabao was more than two months old, I accompanied her to make a baby song to watch the black and white card. For more than two months, I was devoted to me who was chasing milk. I didn’t even have a quiet accompanying mood every day.

Think about it, in fact, breast milk should not be deified, and even scratches with motherly love. As long as the baby can eat full, it is not a big deal to feed some formula milk. It is a mother who is tightened and anxious every day, which not only affects herself, but the baby and family will feel the low pressure of the mother.

After receiving the fact that mixed feeding, my milk was more. Basically realized breast milk recipe milk for semi -fed.

I didn’t force myself to eat those soup powder. When I remembered, I drank some warm water.

“Chinese medicine soup pork ribs”, “wine stuffed eggs in the morning, wine brewed at noon, wine brewed brown sugar in the evening” “constantly poured various soups and water every day” … In order to let the baby eat more breast milk, no matter how tossing the mother is the mother. Willing to persist. The road to chasing milk is really difficult.

But ah, when I was distressed, the cake mother was quite angry. Believe that breast milk is the best and does not mean that it can only rely on breast milk.

In order to chase milk, it is not only a kind of torture for the mother, but it may also cause invisible damage to the baby.

Take wine, for example, the alcohol inside will enter milk, which has adversely affect the baby’s sleep, big movement development and early learning. Even if boiled, the alcohol in the wine will not completely disappear. If the continuous boiling time is less than one hour, about 25 ~ 75%of alcohol will still be residual in food.


Therefore, for the sake of the baby’s health, don’t chase it.

If the baby is not full of milk, first check whether it is wrong with feeding.

Help the baby’s correct breasts and sucking more. The mother has a balanced nutrition, rest, and drinking water. Most of the mothers have the ability to feed the baby.

Mom’s mood is also very important. Just like the mother in the text, she finally let go of her obsession. She was in a happy mood, but her milk became more.

However, there are a small number of mothers. Due to various reasons, even if they work hard to chase milk, the amount of milk still cannot meet the needs of the baby. When breast milk can’t feed the baby, let the recipe milk help.

Yes, I have insufficient breast milk, but my mother loves enough. I failed to breastfeed my baby, but I could give him a happy mother. I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t feed him immediately, but I could be patient until he fell asleep again.

Maternal love was a practice, but no one had the right to force a mother to practice hard.