Another country’s fiducial list US Amazon cross-border e-commerce boom has spawned new fashion

Source: China Youth Network

In recent years, China’s manufacturing of heat waves around the world, more and more national goods are strongly sought after by consumers in overseas markets. In mid-December, there was a figure with China’s imprint. Enter the Chinese brand of the list.

In addition to highlighting the domestic beverage brand in the US market, it is also invested in the US market, and it also injects a fresh blood into the list. Compared with the local giant beverage brand in the list, as a “black horse”, the forest, whether it is brand creation time or Amazon online time is relatively short.

After the air forest aluminum can bubble water is launched in just half a year, in just six months, it will compete with the giants. This not only subverts the traditional beverage track. In the current US mainstream user circle, this domestic product has become overseas Consumers understand China and feel the other window of the national tide.

又一国货霸榜美国亚马逊 跨境电商热潮催生国货新风尚

National goods go out of “home” door

In fact, this is no longer the first time in the forest. A australian, Britain, France, Singapore, Vietnam, etc. 36 countries and regions have its own figure. In Singapore, the health of the Youri Forest is highly consistent with the healthy diet issued by the Singapore Health Promotion Bureau. After obtaining the Singapore HCS health is preferred, it is the most popular imported bubble drink under the local line.

As we all know, the domestic goods go out of “home” door first, “Soil and Water dissatisfaction” is the “soil and water dissatisfaction”, many Chinese brands are not in the overseas 铩铩 铩 铩 产品 核 产品 内 内, 而 是 品 调 调 异 异 异 异 异. 是. 是 是. 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是In response to this problem, many brands often walk into the misunderstanding, trying to use the low price “to make a lot of money”, and the result is often not yet in the market to provoke the water, as regrets in the overseas red sea due to cost issues.

The first step in the Yuanqi Forest towards overseas is to account for the price to a reasonable range, strictly eliminate the use of price warfare to seize the market. Take the US market example, domestic yuan forest is 2 US dollars in North America (equivalent to approximately 14 yuan), which is nearly three times more than the same products in the domestic market, even in the local barter products, the price of 2 US dollars is not Cheap category. So don’t use the price to discuss consumers, what makes the vital forest have such a cold?

Can hill the overseas market and giants hard, the vitality forest is not just a strong Chinese characteristics and unique product tastes, leading the health concept of traditional beverage companies is the core content of overseas consumers.

又一国货霸榜美国亚马逊 跨境电商热潮催生国货新风尚

In Amazon’s product evaluation page, there is a real consumer comment, I have never eaten Chinese white peaches, but this drink after Ice is a good time. I love it!

又一国货霸榜美国亚马逊 跨境电商热潮催生国货新风尚

When the North American market was filled with high sugar drinks, the American people have become the highest global obesity under the role of high sugar diet. When the vital forest goes to the US market, this piece of drinks waiting for innovation are also blown up. Sweet health wave.

Break the market inquiry thinking, create a new development model of the industry, open the overseas sales of Chinese products … Yuanqi Forest to go out of the country not only subvert the traditional drink track, but in today’s mainstream user circles, this domestic product has become overseas consumers to understand China, feeling another window of the national tide.

Cross-border e-commerce ushered in new opportunities

In addition to the influence of the forest, China’s successful cases of successful “walking” in recent years have many successful cases, and the technology of the technology, the automobile enterprises, the car enterprises, and all the fields of clothing brand Bosideng and other areas of China. Made in China. Chinese brands have tried the water overseas, and the premise of opening sales is based on the quality itself. All walks of life have enhanced product quality and scientific and technological content, and truly achieve orders and reputation under the development philosophy of “double-wheel drive”.

From January 1, 202, the “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement” (RCEP) began to take effect. This new regulation is undoubtedly filled with a more prosperous firewood for China’s cross-border e-commerce.

Pile piles are all released for cross-border e-commerce. Since the New Crown Epide, the heat of cross-border e-commerce is less than the past. This opportunity also pushes many Chinese products to the world, and Made in China has gradually extracted the “foundry” hat.

In 2021, cross-border e-commerce is once again subversive. In the first half of the year, cross-border e-commerce import and exports in mainland China have reached 886.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28.6%. Among them, under the promotion of overseas consumers, China’s export cross-border e-commerce relying on the solid foundation of the domestic industry chain, 2021 has increased by 44% year-on-year in the first half of the year, showing a strong growth situation.

又一国货霸榜美国亚马逊 跨境电商热潮催生国货新风尚

Nowadays, China’s ship has no trend of China’s manufacturing high-quality development, more and more products with Chinese elements are printed with overseas consumers, Yuanqi forest, old dried mom, sea fishing, six gods … These go out of the national gates Successful companies are also highlighted by China’s brand. (Author: Gao Fei)