Fabric table lamp DIY production method introduction production production exclusive cute table lamp

DIY has been popular in the market for several years. Now, no matter what DIY design is on, the price will not be too low. If you like it very much and don’t want to buy, there is no problem, it is also possible to do it yourself. Next,

布艺台灯DIY制作方法介绍 制作专属于你的可爱台灯

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How to make laying lamps in fabrics

Interested friends can learn it, but it is very beautiful at home.

Introduction to the production method of fabric table lamp

1. square lampshade

It is the easiest to make a square fabric lampshade. If the handmade is not confident, then it is recommended to choose this shape of the lampshade. Some friends are worried that the square lampshade is not effective and cannot create a warm feeling. In fact, this shape is very elegant. Like ancient palace lamps, Xiaobian suggested that everyone uses a relatively light and transparent plain fabric to make it, and then use pigments to sketch a few ink ink, or write two lines of characters. When it comes out, the beauty of art is very strong.

(1) Prepare enough iron wire, white tulle, brush, paint, needle thread, scissors, etc.

(2) The shape of the lampshade can be rectangular or square. After the design, the wire is made into a square, or the rectangular, and the length and angle must be done, otherwise it will be crooked.

(3) The fabric is cut into two parts, that is, the lampshade is a rectangular cloth around the lampshade, and a square fabric on the top. Then you will draw a picture on the fabric. It is best not to draw too complicated, and a few strokes will show more artistic conception.

布艺台灯DIY制作方法介绍 制作专属于你的可爱台灯

(4) Switch the drawn fabric and put it on the lampshade rack made of the wire.

2. Round lampshade

The round lampshade looks elegant and elegant, and it is also a very circular lampshade style. The technical difficulty of making this fabric lampshade is relatively difficult. It is mainly to make circles. There are two types of circular lampshades: cylindrical and spherical. I will explain the practice of the cylindrical lampshade. This kind of square is easy to use, and the effect is also very good.

(1) Prepare iron wires, fabrics, glue, scissors, needle wires, etc., and then find two circles of the same size. If there is a waste trash can at home, you can cut two circles with this cut. It can only be made with iron wire without finding it, but the roundness may not be good.

(2) When the fabric of the round lampshade is recommended, the fabric with a complicated pattern can also be drawn by itself. The same is cut into two parts, the circular and rectangular of the top.

(3) The lamp rack of the circular lampshade is to connect the two circles with iron wire to make cylinders. You can find a small cylindrical object, put the circle up, and slowly adjust the wire.

(4) It is best to put the fabric on the lamp cover, and fix them with glue and needle line.

3. Umbrella lampshade

Umbrella -shaped table lampshade is a gorgeous lampshade style. You can add some pendants to the lower edge to increase the aesthetics. This kind of lampshade is also the most difficult to do. It takes patience and energy. The effect of the umbrella lampshade is very good. I believe that many friends still want to try it, so Xiaobian will introduce its specific practice.

(1) The materials prepared by the umbrella lampshade are roughly the same as the first two, but the wire is more prepared. In addition, there are beads, sequins and artificial crystals prepared as pendants.

(2) First use iron wire as a lamp rack, first make a small circle, and then a large circle. If you do n’t do it well with the wire, you will cut one from the Yila can and the old trash can. Like the cylindrical shape, the two circles are connected with iron wire, as if they are spelling out of a few trapezoids. There are at least six sides of the umbrella.

(3) After the lamp cover is done, cut the fabric according to the trapezoidal size of the lamp frame, and then stick it one by one, and reinforce it with a needle line. This process is relatively slow, and you must pay attention to details for the sake of aesthetics.

(4) After the lampshade cannot be sewn, sew the decorative pendant on the edge of the lampshade, and a gorgeous umbrella lampshade is ready.

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布艺台灯DIY制作方法介绍 制作专属于你的可爱台灯

How to make laying lamps in fabrics