Popular new short boots short MM increased women’s shoes items

The short MMs want to wear long legs in autumn and winter, so when choosing shoes, you must be cautious! Today, I brought several popular new boots, and the short MM increase items, no matter which pair is very versatile!

Short British Wind Boots

Autumn and winter new short -tube British style boots, willow nail metal is full of luster. The personality of the shoe body is full of personality, avant -garde fashion, and shows the charm of the shoes.

Metal buckle low -heeled boots

流行新款短靴 矮个子MM的增高女鞋单品

This metal buckle low -heeled boots, chic hollow punching design makes the upper richer, romantic and chic, and the metal belt buckle is simply modified, adding a sense of fashion.

Coarse -heeled short female boots

流行新款短靴 矮个子MM的增高女鞋单品

Thick heel short female boots, fashion buckle and Brock’s patterns naturally decorate, exuding a trace of retro atmosphere, thick heel design becomes the highlight of shoes, and the intellectual temperament of the simple style is natural.

Hollow flat boots

流行新款短靴 矮个子MM的增高女鞋单品

The fresh and mild beige flat -bottomed boots are performed indifferently in the fashion trend. The affinity temperament brings full charm. The short tube is designed to make the short MM dress more high.

流行新款短靴 矮个子MM的增高女鞋单品

Zipper thick bottom boots

流行新款短靴 矮个子MM的增高女鞋单品

A pair of thick -soled boots with a strong position and aura, a sharp weapon with a high MM, a design -rich zipper, which adds monotonous shoes to increase the charm of style.

Martin thick heel boots

The British style thick heel Martin boots, characteristic thick heel design, more perfectly fit the health of women’s feet, choose imported cowhide in Italy, exudes a big -name quality.

Suitable for short boots with high MM, it is definitely worth your start!