How to choose a platinum diamond ring according to the hand type? Is it not good to wear the ring? Maybe you choose wrong

As we all know, when people choose clothing styles, they often combine their preferences and temperament, as well as the choice of diamond ring. Only by selecting the more suitable diamond ring style can it highlight the personal temperament. Because there are many styles of diamond ring, including twisting arm, bag inlaid, and claw inlaid. These different diamond ring styles are completely different. Among the selection, it is best to combine the hand shape to choose, so as to enhance the beauty of the hand. So how to choose a platinum diamond ring according to the hand type?

Finger slender type:

Girls with slender fingers are relatively easy to choose from platinum diamond ring, and basic styles are more suitable. However, if you want to achieve the perfect effect, you can choose some circular diamonds, or a multi -layer inlaid style. You must avoid pear -shaped or clealter diamonds, because this style can easily improve the length of the finger. Caused a decrease in roundness. If your other half is exactly this type of hand, you can customize a diamond ring that the male girl likes the currently loved diamond ring, and choose a round diamond and group inlaid style. Customized, romantic and unique, can better reflect your love and intention.

Short finger:

Fingers are short -lasting. Many times you can also make up for this shortage by wearing platinum diamond ring. Generally, this finger is more suitable for wearing some pear -shaped or olive platinum diamond rings. Be sure to avoid square, circular and other diamond ring. In the choice of the ring, try to choose a straight line or a tutor with oblique lines, so that the fingers can look slender.

Finger thick long type:


Women with long fingers are generally large, and the entire palm looks thick and lacks the beauty of show. At this time, in terms of the choice of platinum diamond ring style, you must pay attention to avoid excessive lines, and the corners are too clear. You can choose some circular diamonds, with relatively wide design styles. Of course, you can also choose some exaggerated designs, or a relatively large gemstone, which can cover the defects of the fingers and keep people’s attention on the diamond ring.


Finger thick and short type:


Women with short fingers are definitely obese. Because of the fault of the fingers, it will not be visually beautiful. At this time, in the choice of diamond ring style, you can choose water droplets or pear -shaped design. This line extending design method can better add aura to your fingers.

Because each person’s temperament and aesthetics are different, when choosing a platinum diamond ring, you must also choose to choose combined with your personal characteristics. It is best to wear it on your fingers and compare it, so that you can choose a more beautiful platinum diamond ring. You must know that whether it is a diamond ring or something else, only one that suits you is the perfect.