When my home is renovated, I will not install the traditional switch, but I will choose a smart voice switch, which is too fragrant

For our daily life, we will contact the switch every day. The layout of the home switch is reasonable, and it will be much more convenient to use. If the layout is not considered so complete, it will be very troublesome whether it will turn on or turn off the lights, or turn on other electrical appliances.

And in such an era of smart home, how could there be less smart switches?

When my house is renovated, the family must give up the traditional switch. It must be to choose to install the smart voice switch. It is really convenient for daily life. It is too fragrant!

So, when I decorate a new house in my house, why not install ordinary switches, but I choose a smart voice switch? by


MIXPAD elf touch screen voice switch is

Example, briefly introduce you and share your feelings, I hope to bring good reference to everyone!

First, the difference in appearance:

There is actually no difference in material, but from the appearance, it can be distinguished. The difference is actually relatively large! Ordinary switches are generally two control keys, which basically lay out the entire switch panel. It can be said that the biggest difference between the two is

It lies in a touchable screen

, Very intelligent, visually eye -catching, and the face value is very high. The ordinary switch is no screen at all! Installed at home

MIXPAD elf touch screen voice switch

At the same time as easy to use, every time I see such switches, I feel very happy.

Second, different flexibility:

Most of the switches are fixed on the wall. If the home is highly installed, it is more convenient to use. If the installation location of the home is unreasonable and the use is very troublesome, it will be controlled by a lot of control. It can be said that there is no flexibility.


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Smart voice switch


¥ 369


, Will not be restricted by space, can be exempted from installation, and can be used using USB interface plug -in. Can

Put it directly on the desktop, or use it on the storage frame to be used as a decoration

It is a pretty good choice.

With Sub interface, you can use it without installation, you can use it


, So it is more flexible than most switches. A smart control panel like a mobile phone is more flexible than infrared control, more flexible, more accurate voice control, and more technological.

Finally, different functionality

Ordinary switching functions are generally only turned on the lights. Some may be paired with two -hole or three -hole sockets, and there will be a USB charging port. However, for now, these are the most basic and more common functions!

The intelligent voice switch can only be controlled by the switch, and it can also have an operation page through the way to touch it to better control the device. The functions inside are mainly:

Small alarm clocks, chronographs, perpetual calendars, music, connecting the TV, air conditioning, fans, electric curtains and other smart home products such as TV, air conditioning, fan, electric curtains, etc.

These functions cannot be owned by ordinary switches.

Intelligent voice switch appearance,


There are three physical buttons, one touch screen, and two voice microphones

, Also with infrared rays. It looks very small, but the function is complete,

How to touch the screen+button

The family will use this switch to make our lives more interesting.

The main function is to control the voice. Take the TV as an example.

As long as you say “Little European Hoster, turn on the TV”,


Then the TV does not need to be remote control,

Even if the TV at home does not have a voice function, the role of voice switch can be achieved through the smart voice switch.

It’s really powerful. Another way to turn on the air conditioner, or control the fan or lamp at home, the air conditioner is the same way.


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In my opinion, when voice control, especially when the weather is cold or lying on the bed, I don’t want to be so troublesome.

You can control the whole house lights at home through the form of “voice control”, and it is not as troublesome to hand control switch.


And there is no need to change the lamps at home. Even the most common lights can enjoy the role of sound control lights, which brings great convenience in daily life and is more interesting to life!

With its own gateway function, you can control the whole house electrical appliances at any time, including infrared, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

You can better control through the form of a mobile app, add some equipment, including security. It is worth safer to the home. You can also master the real -time situation of your home at any time in other places.

Can be fixed installation method (intelligent voice control switch, you need to install this model, connect to the power supply)


This method is actually the same installation method as the traditional switch. It needs to be installed and the installation method of connecting the fire line. It is recommended that if you install it yourself, install it under the guidance of an experienced electrician, which is safer. You can support the three -way load. The specific installation method instructions will introduce it in detail, or ask a professional electrician installation to save some trouble and be more guaranteed.

(Since my new house has not been installed yet, I haven’t installed this one)

Personalized design of the first screen

In fact, the function is the same as our mobile phone. There will be wallpaper to choose from. You can choose to be a fixed wallpaper, or you can choose to replace it automatically every day. During the day, the screen is a long and bright form, and at night, the screen will not light up automatically. If it is installed in the bedroom, it will not be affected. This is great. (There are some other functions, I will not introduce them in detail one by one)


In summary, the functions of the intelligent voice switch are very powerful, mainly in two forms: one is zero-fire line installation, the other is to install through Type-C, and you can use it by connecting the SUB interface (free installation). The functionality is mainly reflected in voice control. Through the “voice control” method, the lights, home appliances, curtains, etc. can be controlled. Only with the switch with the screen can it be called a real smart switch. Both models need to be installed to play a more powerful function, and the role is better.

So such a powerful smart switch, when my house is renovated, I will not choose to install the traditional switch. Instead The voice switch is really fragrant!


Smart voice switch

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