18 sets of casual “sweater” wear, pursue simple and generous, showing a fresh and natural feeling

In a busy life, find a little happiness and satisfy your mood, and it is also a good seasoning. It will also make people feel beautiful and feel the joy from the heart. For example, the casual “sweater” wear, bringing you comfortable and casual life.

Sweater selection chapter


This item of sweater is a must -have item for leisure sports style. Especially with a sweater alone, it can wear the oversize style that everyone likes.


Then when choosing, avoid wearing a thunder, choose short and slim -cutting styles, it can avoid being fat. Therefore, the long or too loose version of the style will make the overall matching bloated, which is fatter that everyone understands.

The combination of sweaters and bottoms has different styles and styles. For example, this kind of strap pants, loose version of strap pants, create hip -hop style, is particularly fashionable and trendy. You can also choose to match the worker’s pants, handsome and free of fashion.

In addition to the round neck style, the sweater also has a hooded model. Compared with the round neck style, it is more young and stylish. So the style is different, the effect has a huge contrast.

Sweater color


The sweater is a neutral item, so boys and girls can wear it. The most important thing is its simple and generous, which meets everyone’s needs for simple styles.


Speaking of color matching, when choosing a bright color system, remember not to exceed three colors to avoid too many colors and look fancy. In order to highlight our wear, we can choose to use the contrasting design.

For example, the contrast between red and black, both colors belong to the dark series, but these two colors are very textured after wearing, especially the makeup, which improves the temperament of the clothes itself. Therefore, in the simple color matching, a sense of high sense is revealed, and the advanced level is incorporated.


In addition to the combination of contrasting color, you can also choose the set of the same color system, the casual sports style set, the special fashion reduction, and the lazy and casual feeling. Wearing it, it seems that you can get rid of all your troubles.

Especially the white suit is clean and generous, especially pure colors, more high -level taste. With a knitted hat, it is fashionable. Therefore, the decoration of details is particularly important for leisure style.


Sweater matching


The combination of each single product not only has different styles, but also affects beauty. The sweater should be the king fried item in all clothes. It is versatile and durable. So for your own preferences, you can choose the right style.

The combination of sweaters and skirts is also set by everyone as a king. The sweaters are free and easy, and the gentle and elegant half skirts make us instantly match the elegant effect. Therefore, this mix and match creates a rigid and soft match mode.


The sweater and floral skirt are gentle and sweet. Match with a black half -body A -line skirt to create a ladylike temperament. At the same time, a black combination shows the fashion taste of women. Compared with the floral skirt, it has a more mature taste. And the sweater with a half -body skirt is especially suitable for girls with slightly fat body, which is better tolerance for her figure.


The overall matching design of the clothes is also a compulsory course for dressing. So stacking is a clothing match, the most fashionable and avant -garde dress style. Because of stacking, it increases the sense of design, so that your dress is innovative.

The casual sense of the sweater itself, a white T -shirt inside, the length and layers of the inside and outside make it clear. And this combination also avoids monotonous abnormality. The mastery of wearing tips can make people more distinctive, and make the figure avoid shortness.