Ha ha ha ha! Large “straight men” home improvement scene, life is too segment in minutes …

“Straight Man” aesthetic search again

Compared to “Death Barbie” lipstick

The furniture bought by “straight men” is not inferior


“Don’t let your boyfriend/husband buy furniture”

It has also become a hot topic

What is the furniture bought by “straight men”?

Mermaid carpet


Image source: “Big Pork Towel Research Institute”




According to netizens

Since my boyfriend bought this mermaid carpet

I often lie down like a mermaid

I also said that I am the daughter of the sea


Can’t do without legs

Big Red Hi Rug Make


Picture Source/

A red carpet full of happy characters directly connects the room


I feel that the husband and wife will worship the next second …


“Apple” mobile phone table


Image source/”Thought Focus”


Put this table

Feel the next second

Someone asked “the film is not”?

Home basketball frame

Picture source: Beijing News Business Observation


the public


Play basketball at home

Will you not be complained by neighbors?

In fact, aesthetics is very subjective

Ten thousand people have 10,000 aesthetics


Only your favorite home improvement style

The one is the most suitable for you

In the field of home improvement

Daily girl prefers a simple aesthetic design

After all, “less


more “

less is more

Don’t admire luxury luxury

Pursuit of simplicity to the ultimate pursuit

Remove the extra decoration

In exchange for a simple and comfortable living experience

This is also respected by Nordic -style home furnishings

Nordic e -family bofurniture

It is a specialized comprehensive home brand that integrates R & D, design, production, and sales. Over the years, it has reached the forefront of the home industry with high -quality products and perfect services. The most fundamental thing the brand can be stronger and stronger is product quality. Nordic E -family Bofoice has always attached importance to and adhered to independent research and development, independent innovation, continuously breaking through process design and production technology, and successively developed products that consumers loved by consumers, leading the trend of solid wood furniture.


“2069”, as one of the main series of Nordic e -family, is committed to creating the concept of light luxury future home furnishings. It emphasizes the design sense in simplicity. Each item is like a piece of art. It breaks the sense of mediocrity and highlights personality and taste. It can be said to be the vane of future furniture.

living room

Two drawers on the upper layer of the shoe cabinet, built -in hidden rebound guide device, intelligent design does not need to be installed with handle, only gently press the door panel to pop up, the operation is simple, convenient, effort, and safe.




This is a multi -functional entrance and cabinet. It not only has a storage space, but also can be used as a shoe stool to facilitate the entry and exit of the door to change the shoes. The intimate dressing mirror is used to facilitate the appearance of the appearance before going out. It is beautiful and practical.

love at first sight

The 2069 series furniture not only pays attention to the sense of space of single items, but also is very particular about the combination. For example, the layer plate of the panel in the combination hall cabinet is arc up and down two -way, which gives people a very thin, thin, and does not take up space.


The image sofa of the Nordic e -family not only has a strong sense of design, but also the entire line is thick, detailed, high and low, the structure is particularly soft, and the touch is particularly comfortable. The back broke the 90 -degree design of the traditional sofa, using a 108 -degree tilt angle, and the “seat, leaning, armrest side” three surfaces were used to increase comfort, which not only supported the waist, but also allowed the cervical spine to relax more thoroughly. In addition, with the very jumping Nordic Blue fabric, it can be satisfied with the comfort, wood texture, and light luxury instantaneous comfort.

Dining room


The table on the table is a flat angle structure, which is difficult and time -consuming. The table leg shape is supported by the inverted U -shaped, all of which are made of the whole big material, and the texture is beautiful and beautiful. At the same time, the table and the fixing of the meal legs are supported by rose copper+solid steel, which is both beautiful and firm.





This armchair fully considers the comfort of sitting, back and armrest when designing, which is what we call the “three sides of comfort”. It is very humane design. At the same time In the end, at the expense of materials, creating excellent quality.

Beautiful enjoyment


The meal cabinet is really ulteriorcted in the drawer handle. Considering the frequent use rate of pulling the hand, in order to ensure its firmness, it is created with the whole material and tedious craftsmanship of the logs. , Avoid being pulled by hand when walking.


This dining cabinet is minimalist, fashionable, and luxurious, which is the proud work of our designer. The dark coffee color of the black walnut gives a noble modification, and the integration of high -grade gray


The fusion of the decoration will make the color fuller in modern light luxury, that is, the so -called three -color balance principle. This is a pursuit of furniture aesthetics, and it also meets customers’ needs for quality and color. The reflection of a very fashionable manifestation.


This set of bedroom furniture exudes the charm of “light luxury” everywhere. Light luxury depends on the style of the furniture itself.


This scrubbal double bed is the most popular style of Italy. It uses NAPA Napa cowhide, which brings unusual quality enjoyment. The foot of the bed adopts a functional gradient design, which slowly changes from thickness, making people feel firm, but it does not appear large to occupy space.



In terms of color use, the six -bucket cabinet is really just right. Through the high -grade gray glass symmetrical, symmetrical with the diagonal angle, it has both modernity and comfort. It is the manifestation of future furniture.




Insert tenon is also an important process of the “2069 series” furniture. For example, the connection of this dressing table component is not at the same point. question,


Improve the firmness of furniture. At the same time, the legs are designed with gradients, and another arc is made to make the entire makeup table show more elegant.


The golden bidirectional arc design is repeatedly used in the entire bookcase, but it is not stubborn. Whether from the softness of the frame or the reuse of the standing board, it is a kind of line, a kind of element, and a form of a form. usage of! The softness of this line is processed, which gives people a visual impact, but the content is not repeated, giving people a particularly fashionable overall feeling!

Shuxiang Time


This is a set of combined bookcases. The desk and bookshelves are moderate in the middle of the shelf, which is convenient for learning and work. In addition, the desk with 2 drawers with pressing design, gently press the door panel to open it, realizing the intelligence of modern furniture, which is also a improvement of the quality of life!


Two two -door+1 three -door+corner bookcase combination can not only save space but also achieve good decorative effects. The whole body is the color matching of walnut black+glass ash, modern, atmospheric, and open corner cabinet, which plays a good connection role, and can also be used as a decorative shelf.





This was originally a sofa, the scientific layout, providing a good storage function. The black walnut’s unique wood grain, without any modification, satisfied our desire for nature, put it in the study, elegant without losing taste.







Beauty of life

Although the design cannot change everything, it is enough to make life better. I believe that the production of the Nordic e -family can continue to guide everyone to live a different style of life. When life meets art, maybe this is the style you want.


Nordic e -family

Address: The first floor, second floor of the furniture hall in Xiyingmen A District A, Haikou

Nordic e-family exhibition hall Tel: 0898-6678151


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